Fall and winter makeup

Makeup companies worldwide were inspired by fall and winter to create a dominant look to emphasize a woman's natural beauty.

lipstick 311 (photo credit: Coutesy/Loreal Paris)
lipstick 311
(photo credit: Coutesy/Loreal Paris)
The following tips will help you keep in step with the leading makeup trends for a look that is fashionable, wintry and attractive.
Eyes full of color: Makeup that focuses on the eyes creates a sophisticated look that will stand out this winter. Eyes play a prominent role in the mysterious look and enable you to bring into play a wide-ranging color palette when applying makeup. The latest style includes full shades of color, delicately highlighted lips and intriguing smoky eyes. The result is a powerful look that conveys boldness and spontaneity.
Intense lips: To make lipstick work overtime, start by powdering your lips. Outline them with a lip pencil that suits the shade of the lipstick and fill the entire lip with the pencil to make the lips look even and full. Then apply the preferred shade of lipstick.
Earth tones: The most fashionable style this season is associated with the return to nature, which finds expression in makeup in the warm colors of fall. The look is based on soft and mild shades of coffee, stone and sand. Pearl beige with touches of light green create a smoky shading around the eyes. Along with a nude shade of powder and an almond shade of lipstick, you will achieve a natural and relaxed autumn look.
A golden look: Another style that’s fashionable this season is romance and sensuality, characterized by touches of gold to inject a sense of heightened femininity. Golden makeup is especially suitable for filling sensual lips and accentuating the eyes.
Step-by-step winter makeup
- First, use liquid makeup that suits your skin tone.
- After applying the liquid makeup, draw specks of light in a shade of pearl over the cheekbone in the direction of the temples.
- Add bronzer in a sharp angle to shape the face.
- Apply the desired shade of eye shadow to the base of the eye and pat with your finger.
- If you chose gold hues for the eye shadow, add a small amount of a shade of brown, pat again with golden eye shadow and soften upwards.
- Apply black eyeliner from the base of the eye and spread a line outward; then go over it a second time.
- Brush on mascara several times until you attain the perfect look.
- Outline the bottom part of your eyes with a black pencil and tone down the highlighting using black eye shadow over it. This will help it stay on longer.
- Draw a pearl-colored speck of light under the eyebrow.
- Use a pink lip liner to draw heart-shaped lips.
- Complete with a matching but dominant shade of lipstick.