Feminine chic

The upcoming winter is slated to be a fashionable combination of classic and contemporary designs characterized by vintage styles with a modern twist.

Fashion 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Fashion 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
This season you’ll see clothes designed with sophisticated technology that incorporates a diverse palette of colors. They have the power to revive even the most retro-looking styles. Prepare your wardrobe for the cold season ahead with an arsenal of clothes and accessories that will create the right look -- and this winter it’s all about the total look, from head to toe.
1. Classy and contemporary: Tailored but trendy classics characterize the winter collection at the Silise boutique. For example, a light and ultra-feminine skirt is coupled with a classic sweater that features an alluring new twist to its buttoning method. www.silise.com.
2. Denim darlings: According to Lee’s, your next pair of jeans will actually be a dress. Denim dresses have been gracing this season’s fashion runways, with many brands sporting a variety of styles and designs, liberating the body from the unyielding skinny jeans. The trendy look is free and utterly feminine. www.lee.com
3. Nostalgic humor: The items at the Belle & Sue vintage boutique will put a smile on the faces of 1960s fans, such as an over-sized shirt with the iconic Andy Warhol print of a banana in its peel. The banana appeared on the cover of the Velvet Underground’s album and has become legendary. www.belleandsue.co.il
4. Soft and colorful: Shell, which specializes in women’s accessories, is launching scarves characterized by velvety softness with colorful fringe decorations that can serve as a piece of jewelry. Well suited for the unstable Israeli winter weather, the scarves are lightweight and incorporate many textures and colors. Available at Shell in Savyon and boutiques around the country.
5. Tarot to go: The Italian fashion company Furla is launching a collection of bags inspired by Tarot cards. The bags, made of soft and shiny material, have colorful prints with a mystical air. They include familiar Tarot motifs such as the Ace of Cups card that symbolizes harmony and the Knight card that represents courage. Furla, 46 Weizmann St., Tel Aviv.
6. Fashion on wheels: Castro’s chic bicycles are lightweight and make a statement that is both fashionable and practical. They have a dual value in that they keep you fit and solve your urban parking problem. www.castro.co.il
7. Purple passion afoot: The winter boots at Marko are sexy, with their extra-thin heels, bold colors and combination of materials and textures, such as velvet and speckled fabric. www.marko.co.il