It's in the bag

Your laptop is your life, so why not keep it safe - and stylish?

computer back pack 88 248 (photo credit: Courtesy)
computer back pack 88 248
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With more and more people daily carrying their computers between the office and home, laptop bags have become much more than just a simple carrying case. Expected to mix durability, security and style, good laptop bags are designed to protect your precious laptop and the data stored in it. There are hundreds of different bags to choose from, including laptop messenger bags, backpacks, wheelies and many more. When buying a laptop case you should think about its intended function, then determine which style suits your personality and lifestyle. If the data in your laptop are extremely vital, the bag you choose should be very rugged. If you're more into making a fashion statement, the style can showcase that. Take a moment to look at the range of styles available, play with them and decide which one has all the bells and whistles that work effectively for you. While personal preference plays a big part in determining the best style, the key to satisfaction is how the bag helps you organize and access your possessions. An important thing to consider is durability. Since its main function is to keep your laptop safe and free from scratches, it should be durable enough to protect it from unnecessary hits that can cause damage. Take a look at the type of fabric and the workmanship. While material and color are a personal preference, the decision should be influenced by the items you intend to carry and how securely they need to be held. It is highly recommended to choose one that is sturdy enough and that uses thick zippers. Some designs make it relatively difficult to retrieve the computer. It may be best to look for a bag that has zippers on the side and top that you can use to reach your computer and other items such as adapters. And the most important thing: Will your laptop fit in the bag? After all, what's the point of having a great bag if your laptop doesn't smoothly fit in it? Take your laptop to the store with you. Swiss Gear Ibex Laptops are one of the most stolen items out there, and this backpack from Swiss Gear provides a casual look which doesn't shout "I'm carrying a computer." Sturdily constructed with ergonomic shoulder straps that are very strong and designed to withstand serious stress, it has a padded notebook pocket which fits most computers with widescreen displays up to 17 inches, and plenty of room for accessories in its front pockets - files, textbooks, a sweater, you name it. For those looking for a casual look and wanting a durable backpack-style that is comfortable to carry for the long haul, this bag which comes with a lifetime guarantee is a good choice. NIS 370 at Office Depot CaseLogic Urban Protective, simple and stylish - the three things you want in a laptop bag. This messenger bag has it all, with a padded compartment that holds most 15.4-inch laptops and plenty of pockets for all your accessories. It is perfect for lugging your stuff around college, or traveling to a meeting, or even as hand luggage when on holiday. NIS 360 at Office Depot Logitech Kinetik With a unique design that is sure to set it apart from the rest of the pack, this backpack is perfect if you need lots of storage. With a semi-rigid construction, the Kinetik boasts a padded sleeve to keep your laptop completely secure. It has dual zone compartments with a vast number of organizing pockets and dividers that make it quite easy to keep things organized. The oversized shoulder straps are designed to make the backpack extremely comfortable. NIS 499 available at top computer stores. Golla Bloom Trendy and fashionable, this backpack from Finnish manufacturer Golla is bright and youthful. Its slim and casual design with ergonomic shoulder straps make for perfect carrying comfort. The laptop is kept safe in a separate compartment, while many extra pockets allow fast access and help to keep your belongings in order. A robust handle adds even more flexibility. NIS 249 at BUG chain stores. Samsonite Sahora Business Case A stylish women's computer case with a modern design, the Sahora Business Case is an ideal choice for those who need to fit their laptop, makeup case, wallet and other bits and pieces in the same bag. Made of a special polyester blend, this compact case has enough room to carry all your laptop accessories, leaving enough surrounding space for magazines, work documents, mobile phone or any other personal items. With soft handles and a shoulder strap, this bag is light and comfortable to carry for both work and play. NIS 590 at Kravitz, Baginda and Tik Hatikim chain stores Gittabag Specializing in making products to suit the needs of parents and babies, these bags are characterized by a trendy look combined with maximumm functionality. This backpack for a portable computer has a rear strap that can be buckled onto a stroller with room for everything your baby needs. Made of high-quality fabric it can be machine washed, and has hardened front compartment for diapers and wet wipes. The main compartment with upper opening has an inner zippered net for storing computer cables, additional zippered compartment and two inner pockets for bottles. There's also an upholstered detachable sleeve for storing the computer, with a section for storing disks and pens, and a clip for keys or a pacifier. NIS 550. To find a store near you, call 1-700-707-166 Max Moretti A sleek envelope that protects your laptop in a compartment and holds just enough. It sports a sturdy ergonomic handle for easy lifting and a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap so you can use this it as a shoulder bag, a briefcase or as a laptop sleeve. Along with its lightweight design, this slim case features two front pockets to safely pack your power supply, CDs, MP3 player and other electronic essentials. The computer itself is kept safe and warm in material you'd find in your favorite pair of winter slippers. NIS 199 at Polgat and Golf chain stores Kensington Contour This briefcase offers an elegant design with plenty of storage space for all your daily essentials. The notebook compartment is well-cushioned with storage room for a folder and documents. Two easy-to-access zipper-locked compartments have all the space you need for more papers, power supply units, cables, mobile phone, keys, pens, business cards and more. For those who often go on business trips, this bag would be a fine companion as it sports a convenient trolley strap for attaching to a telescopic handle, and a compartment for on-the-go access to aircraft tickets or passports. NIS 149 at BUG chain stores