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The Laline stores offer gold or silver colored, heart-shaped hot massage bars, a combination of a candle and massage butter.

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heart candles 88
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The Neta Stopic skin cream turned out to give real relief to the dry and rough skin on my daughter's arms and legs, when applied after each shower. Stopic is a cream containing natural plant extracts and oils for problem skin that is dry, red and irritated, and can safely be used by children. The smell isn't terrible, but you're obviously not going to use this cream as a body lotion. Neta Stopic is sold at pharmacies and health food stores for NIS 94.95 a jar. Youth Dew is a classic scent created by Estee Lauder in the 1950s, and has been revived by fashion designer Tom Ford, who has slightly changed the original scent to create Youth Dew Amber Nude. This sweet, spicy eau de parfum is a little on the old-fashioned side in the sense that it's a heavy scent, but will be to the liking of older women who are nostalgic about the original. The light brown bottle with a gold-colored cap looks very classy indeed, with a bow-tie wrapped around its "waistline." A 30 ml. bottle is NIS 280 and 75 ml. is NIS 430. A 40-something-year-old friend raved about the Capture R60/80 First Wrinkles Smoothing Cr me by Dior, which left her skin incredibly soft and smelled delicious. The cream is meant for women aged 30 and up who start seeing the first signs of aging, but don't yet want to use stronger anti-aging creams. So if you feel like indulging yourself, you can get Capture R60/80 for NIS 377 for a 50 ml. jar; also available in this series is an eye cream, sold for NIS 270. Valentine's Day is around the corner, and romantic souls may want to celebrate by having a good meal, some chocolate, candlelight and a hot bath with aromatic oils. For the bath, Emma Green has light pink, heart-shaped massage soaps that are very soft and smell extremely sweet, supposedly with the fragrance of mango-passion flower. The massage soap contains shea butter, coconut butter and almond oil. One soap bar, available in the Emma Green stores, is NIS 39. The Laline stores offer gold or silver colored, heart-shaped hot massage bars, a combination of a candle and massage butter. This certainly is an original concept, which first lets you enjoy candlelight, and then, when the heat has softened the shea butter and the cacao butter inside the heart, you can use it for a sensual, warm massage. The gold paint on the outside comes right off on your hands, but this adds glitters to your body during the massage. The price for a Heart Warmer massage candle is NIS 32.90. Hawaii has developed a shampoo for men with fine or thinning hair, containing caffeine, which apparently has a stimulating effect on hair as well. My husband, who definitely needs his coffee-with-caffeine intake every morning, at first thought caffeine in his shampoo to be a little weird, but nevertheless liked the product. The shampoo is supposed to make your hair look healthier and give it more volume. As always, the price for the Hawaii shampoo is right: NIS 15 for a 700 ml. bottle.