Step up and step out

Shimmer and shine this New Year’s Eve.

Make-up (photo credit: Courtesy)
(photo credit: Courtesy)
It’s that time of year again when the media around the world are busy looking at trends, and we are no exception. Whether spending New Year’s Eve on your own, with friends or family or at a glamorous party, splash on some glitter and pour yourself a glass of bubbly – it’s time to celebrate and hope for a great new year.
So what are the latest looks for the upcoming festivity? Yves Saint Laurent offers eternal elegance. Its experts say it all begins with clean, well hydrated skin and an illuminating foundation.
Touche Eclat is an excellent foundation that was launched earlier this year. For a star-like appearance, use shimmering ice-blue or plum-purple eye shadows, applied either wet or dry, and highlight the look with glittery powder.
Bourjois Paris has launched the Blue Moonlight collection for a touch of Parisian glamour. It recommends refining the skin with a primer and foundation, adding a soft cream blush and paying all your attention to creating hypnotizing, mysterious blue-smoky eyes with a trio of eye shadow (NIS 115, in blues and grays).
To create the look: Apply the light colored shade over the whole lid, the medium on the center and blend outwards.
Use the darker shade as an eyeliner close to the lashes.
Shiseido offers an Asianinspired Japanese Perfection look with two major focuses – the perfect skin and the lacquered lips. The makeup uses optical manipulating techniques similar to light reflectors that professional photographers use to illuminate shaded areas of the face and create a radiant look (NIS 349). The Lacquer Rouge lipstick- gloss is a completely new product that combines the simplicity of applying a gloss with the intensity of color of a lipstick and a lacquered finish reminiscent of Japanese lacquered art (NIS 190).
Revlon also looks to the Far East for inspiration with the Shanghai Collection created by Gucci Westman. The look is alluring and mischievous, with the new Midnight Express Cream eye-shadow palette of rich purple, burgundy and bronze, perfect for the winter.
For an elegant look, apply the rich burgundy over the whole eyelid, add a touch of gold in the middle and finish with a light white under the brow bone Guerlain keeps a very classic look with timeless pizzazz, with its iconic color palette of reds and pinks, combined with shimmering gold and a focus on the eyes. Try its blush duos (NIS 316) for that polished carefree look.
L’Oréal Paris presents the Diamond Collection for New Year’s Eve, a glamorous, powerful look that accentuates the cheekbones and eyes and leaves the lips looking almost natural. Its experts suggest using silver pigments to highlight the cheekbones and under the eyebrow, use black eye shadow and a little white and add a shiny clear lip gloss for that polished appearance.
Local makeup store chain WOW Cosmetics also has a special collection for New Year, and it goes all the way with what it calls a maximalist look, combining vibrant shades and textures for a complete look.
For the eyes, they suggest smoky application with warm chocolate-bronze shades that complement many Israeli women’s complexions, as well as dark green and purple. Their prices are unbeatable – lipstick NIS 8, mascara NIS 20 and foundation NIS 25.
The Apres Chic collection by MAC will be launched after January 1 but is too pretty to omit. The collection is based on mineral powder and blush, lip conditioner and rich colors – befitting cold winter days and warm Apres Ski occasions if you happen to go on a ski holiday.
Mineral Shimmer (NIS 160) and tinted lip balm (NIS 105) are both the star products of this collection.