City Bites: The taste of true love

No one does comfort food as well as the Dolce Waffle Bar in Jerusalem; many disappointed girls seek solace in the arms of a super-rich dessert.

Waffles 311 (photo credit: iTravel Jerusalem)
Waffles 311
(photo credit: iTravel Jerusalem)
When it comes to pithy aphorisms, the one about the way to a man’s heart is among the more clichéd. And yet, the following story about the Dolce Waffle Bar in Jerusalem still gives deep satisfaction while taking the notion of comfort food to a whole new level.
Noa broke up with her boyfriend, and like so many disappointed girls before her, decided to seek solace in the comforting, non-judgmental arms of a super-rich dessert. She headed for the Dolce Waffle Bar and asked the owner, Yossi, to pamper her with something special to fit the occasion.
The resulting combination of waffle goodness - with whipped cream, ice cream and lots more (see the video) - was so delicious that Noa asked Yossi what it was called. He replied that it did not have a name yet and surprised Noa by asking her for her own name.
Several days later, a young man walked into Dolce and ordered the Noa Waffle. It was so good that he inquired after the origins of its name. Not long after that, he met a nice girl named Noa who turned out to be the very same girl who was the inspiration for the delectable treat. Like any good fairy-tail, we won’t bore you with all the sweaty details, but suffice to say, the two quickly became a couple, got married, and today live in Jerusalem with their two children.
We could go on and on about how good food has the power to bring people together, but the obvious moral of the story is that next time you’re suffering from heartbreak, instead of padding over to the freezer for the tub of Chubby Hubby you were planning to share with your partner in front of the latest Anne Hathaway flick, change out of those pajamas and head to the Dolce Waffle Bar. Who knows, maybe there’s a taste of true love hidden somewhere among the bouffant mountains of cream and the glistening rivers of chocolate sauce. is a new online international travel portal offering all the latest information on things to do, restaurants and places to stay in Jerusalem.