Holiday In: 10 best cheesecakes

While bakeries around the country offer up dairy treats for Shavuot, some are worth a special mention; here's a list of the best.

Cake Art alfajores cheesecake  (photo credit: Courtesy)
Cake Art alfajores cheesecake
(photo credit: Courtesy)
 1. Metuka
For those seeking the taste of a traditional cheesecake, Metuka offers the popular cheese and crumb cake or the old-fashioned baked cake that many remember from childhood (NIS 59). But if you’re willing to try something else, check out the ricotta babka (NIS 49). Metuka also offers low-calorie cheesecakes, blintzes (sweet and savory), quiches and more.
Other options are trays with a selection of mini cakes and desserts.
At the chain’s bakeries around the country. Kosher, supervised.
2. Cake Art
Chef Eran Schwarzbard, known for his elaborate desserts, has created a very special Shavuot cake selection. Not to be missed: the alfajores cheesecake with a crunchy butter cookie base, cream cheese, caramel sauce, dulce de leche and coconut (NIS 40 to NIS 150, depending on the size).
188 Arlosoroff Street, Tel Aviv and 11 Arlosoroff Street, Bat Yam, (03) 658-2180. Kosher, supervised.
3. Lehamim
Bread lovers line up every Friday for the special breads at Lehamim, Tel Aviv, and Breads New York, for good reason – the breads are fantastic. Their collection of cheesecakes for Shavuot is no less impressive. We loved the very pretty fruit crown (NIS 120).
Also try the cheese-peach 0% fat cake (NIS 59).
99 Hashmonaim Street, Tel Aviv, Kosher, supervised.
4. Kmahim
Kmahim is a bakery located in Ganei Tikva. Owner and pastry chef Gully Pinhasov offers a special holiday selection of sweet and savory breads, cakes, pies and quiches. We suspect that the oldfashioned cheesecake will be his top-selling item (NIS 60to NID 70), but try the taboun-baked Italian breads as well.
20 Hacarmel Street, Ganei Tikva, and Jaffa market.
(03) 716-1999. Kosher, supervised.

5. Petit Food
For an elegant holiday soiree, try the Petit Food catering option of bite-size cheesecakes and desserts. The pretty little cakes and small savory quiches are a delight to the eye as well as the palate, and make entertaining so easy. (NIS 110 for a tray of 30 little cakes.)
To order, call (03) 537-2202 or e-mail [email protected] Kosher, supervised.
6. Biscotti
Pastry chef Rusella Yona creates new selections of sweet and savory baked goods every year for Shavuot. From rich classic cakes to New York-style mascarpone and fruit mousse-like cakes (NIS 56 to NIS 144), quiches and lasagnas and blintzes, the variety is diverse and delicious. Try the ricotta and Nocella pie (NIS 90) for a different kind of cheesecake.
67 Hayarkon Street., Bnei Brak. To order, call (03) 570-4015. Kosher.
7. Lehem Erez A very rich collection of dairy cakes, cookies, breads and spreads, cheeses and quiches is offered for the holiday at the chain’s branches around the country. Look for the muchloved cheese and crumb cake (NIS 59) or the New York-style cheesecake (NIS 109). Other favorites are the Parmesan sticks.
For a full list of locations, go to Not kosher.

8. Tatti
The boutique bakery and café offers a homemade savory and sweet assortment for Shavuot. There is a wide range of breads with cheese and herbs (NIS 36) and other savory pies, such as a spinach pie with a cheese mixture (NIS 52) and Roquefort crackers (NIS 34). In the sweet selection, there are many tarts. Our favorite cheesecake was the brioche with orange peel (NIS 49).
53 Derech Hashalom, Givatayim; 3 Avraham Giron Street, Yehud. (03) 539-2500.
Not kosher.
9. Dallal the Bakery
The annual Shavuot celebration at Dallal Bakery opened this week with many savory and sweet specials, including their New York style cheesecake (NIS 75) and the delicious brownie-cheesecake (NIS 39).
7 Kol Yisrael Haverim Street, Neveh Tzedek, Tel Aviv, (03) 510-9292. Not kosher.
10. Micky Shemo
Chef Micky Shemo says Shavuot is his favorite baking holiday. Accordingly, he offers a wonderful selection that includes low-calorie cakes, gluten-free cakes and sugar-free cakes, so everyone can enjoy the holiday’s traditional treats (NIS 39to NIS 59). Also available are blintzes, quiches, pies (savory and sweet) and much more.
To find a location near you and recipes, go to
Kosher, supervised.