Little Italy in the heart of Kiryat Malachi

A cozy, kosher restaurant, Pizza Mozes offers much more than your standard Italian fare.

Little Italy_521 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Little Italy_521
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Pizza Mozes is a quaint Italian restaurant in Kiryat Malachi. It has an extensive and reasonable menu with a couple of surprising dishes that I had never tasted before.
Who would have thought that in the middle of Kiryat Malachi there would be a small and cozy Italian restaurant waiting to be discovered? Pizza Mozes, the first official dairy chef’s restaurant in Kiryat Malachi, is located in the industrial area. With its authentic and original food, it definitely fills the bill.
Walking into Pizza Mozes is like taking a step into Little Italy. It is a breath of fresh air with its pastoral decorations such as pictures of Italy on the walls and decorated simply in greens yellow and red. While the tables are not too close together, there is definitely a touch of warmth and intimacy.
The food varies from Italian to Israeli style dishes. As an example, some of the starters include shakshouka served with garlicflavored cream cheese, tuna salad, tehina, Bulgarian cheese, chopped olives, Israeli salad and homemade focaccia (NIS 42); Italian salad including tomatoes, cucumbers, chopped celery, onion rings, pickled lemons and cubes of feta cheese in a homemade Italian salad dressing (NIS 37); soup of the day and Italian pastry.(NIS 24).
Among the variety of main dishes there is sea bream grilled in a stone oven, served with roasted vegetables (NIS 65); fettucini in homemade Roza cream of tomato sauce with fresh tomatoes and a touch of the chef’s imagination.(NIS 36); sweet potato ravioli with roasted eggplant, clamantine olives, garlic and basil leaves lightly fried in olive oil and white wine in an Italian tomato sauce and a touch of Parmesan cheese (NIS 38); smoked salmon and chives in a creamy sauce poured over sliced potatoes grilled in a stone oven accompanied by a small salad (NIS 35); and fresh Neapolitan sauce, mozzarella cheese, roasted eggplant, anchovies, fresh basil leaves and feta cheese stuffed inside a homemade caselona (NIS 35).
Overwhelmed by the selections, I finally decided on a tasty fettucini in a creamy sweet potato and chili sauce made with fried cubed sweet potatoes, garlic and thyme lightly fried in olive oil and white wine and cooked in sweet chilli creamy sauce and roasted almonds (NIS 36). My partner, who is a fish lover, chose grilled sea bream in a garlic butter sauce that literally melts in your mouth, with a side dish of a stuffed baked potato and mushrooms in a creamy sauce. It was outstanding(NIS 65). We also ordered a Mozes salad, which includes a mixture of lettuce, green and yellow peppers, red onion, carrots, fresh mushrooms, kohlrabi and a dash of Parmesan cheese (NIS 39). The homemade focaccio, accompanied by avocado dip, garlic butter and olive dip, made the meal all the more tasty.
Pizza Mozes’s specialty dish comes into play when looking at the dessert menu. Have you ever heard of strawberry pizza or tropical fruit pizza? Yes, strawberry pizza! Made up of the base of a pizza topped with fresh strawberries or tropical fruit in a strawberry sauce, the dessert pizza is served warm. It is definitely an acquired taste. My partner indulged in it. I, on the other hand, was not too fond of it, and it lacked a scoop of vanilla ice cream or a dollop of cream. But overall, it was quite impressive.
We both enjoyed a tasty and delightful meal, and the wait staff was knowledgeable and genuinely friendly. They really seemed to enjoy their work Pizza Mozes is owned and operated by husband and wife Smadar and Moshe Goldfeder, who live in Kfar Varberg, a moshav near Kiryat Malachi. They hired chef Arthur Binyaminov, who kindly sat and explained to us that they wanted to open a dairy restaurant “davka” in Kiryat Malachi and create a good atmosphere in this area. “We also wanted to do something new and special and not just another dull takeaway place,” he said.
So when you are looking to combine Italian food and a cozy atmosphere with nearly faultless service, you’ll find that Pizza Mozes has it covered.
The writer was the guest of the restaurant.

Pizza Mozes is located at Rehov Halutzei Hata’asiya 6. (08) 850- 5757. Kosher.