Market Watch: Nuts about cake

An exclusive list of the best kosher bakeries around.

Biscotti Bakery (photo credit: Courtesy)
Biscotti Bakery
(photo credit: Courtesy)
At Biscotti kosher bakery, there is always a host of new cakes for each holiday, and Tu Bishvat is certainly no exception. This year, the collection includes a date and dried fruit in wine Krantz yeast cake (NIS 42), an Italian Panforte fruit cake (NIS 36), a toffee nut pie (NIS 18 to NIS 138), a fruit Kugelhopf halla (NIS 24) and many more pies and cookies. The Bnei Brak bakery will deliver to most parts of the country. Or visit the bakery itself.
67 Hayarkon Street, Bnei Brak, (03) 570-4015/8.
Micky Shemo kosher bakeries offer the classic Stollen cake (see recipe on page 8), as well as many different kinds of dried-fruit cookies (NIS 35) and fruit pies with an almond pastry base and crème patissiere (NIS 50). Chef baker Micky Shemo develops new ideas for cakes and breads throughout the year, specializing in creating new ideas for holiday cakes. His selections always include gluten-free and sugar-free options.
Tel Aviv (03) 744-8070 and (03) 620-2255; Haifa (04) 810-4448 and (04) 822-4684; Ramat Hasharon (03) 547-3003. Or
Recently, Shemo launched a line of excellent bakeware together with Arcosteel. The line is sold at very reasonable prices, allowing bakers to enjoy top-line accessories at affordable prices. All the articles, including recipes that are matched with the dishes. are sold at Arcosteel Kitchen in the Tel Aviv Port, the Grand Mall in Haifa and at special housewares and kitchenware stores. We loved them, especially the pizza bakeware and the variety of silicone forms. They also make a great housewarming or wedding gift.

(03) 518-1558;

Berman Bakeries
has launched a fruit cake for Tu Bishvat. It is an aromatic pound cake with nuts and candied fruit such as walnuts, citrus peel, raisins and cherries. The idea came from the bakery’s customers who were looking for a special cake for Tu Bishvat that was kosher, tasty and not expensive. A 400-gr. fruit loaf costs NIS 15.
But if you want to bring a holiday gift, you may want to pair wine and sweets. Try the Leiman Schlussel specials for Tu Bishvat, which include wine by Tavor and sweets and dried fruit by Kliyat Gat. NIS 80-320.
(08) 932-4514;