Monkey business

The new Three Monkeys pub should boost some energy into Eilat's nightlife

Pub fare at Three Monkeys Pub (photo credit: Courtesy)
Pub fare at Three Monkeys Pub
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Though Eilat – with its overcrowded marinas, beaches and boardwalks – has turned cheesy in recent years, it still has a lot going for it. For one thing, tourism is still going strong. And to cater to visitors there is a plethora of activities to fill the sparkling, sunny days.
But at night, there is a more limited selection. The best bet, after a romantic evening stroll down the streetware-crowded North Beach boardwalk, is the legendary Three Monkeys Pub. Part of the Royal Beach Hotel, just past the boardwalk bridge, this large pub/club starts spilling out onto the boardwalk shortly after midnight. The pub has been around for donkey’s years, but is still one of the premier locations for a beer and some good entertainment.
The Three Monkeys has recently undergone a complete renovation.
There is new lighting and an impressive sound system. The megabar now holds a complete array of fine liquors, and its glasses are lined up in racks suspended from the ceiling. It also offers a VIP room complete with LED screens and more.
The pub is known for its wide spectrum of live music, which includes bands from abroad, including England and even South Africa. In addition, the pub is now affiliated with Club Zappa, which means it will host a well-known Israeli artist every month. This month’s artist is Pablo Rosenberg, who will perform his many hits, including some Spanish songs on August 23.
What makes the Three Monkeys extra special is definitely the food. Its new and improved menu was created by Boaz Dror, head chef of the Royal Beach Hotel.
So what’s on the menu? The first thing you notice is the Monkey Business hamburger sliders for NIS 75. This consists of three mini entrecote burgers: Caribbean, Asian and classic. But then you read further: real American Buffalo wings, corned beef, chicken nuggets, salads, shakshouka – all currently on the menu, which will be changed from time to time.
The Three Monkeys is a classic afterhours place to go, no matter what angle you look at it. There is always a party all-night long, and the crowd always changes, and the beer keeps flowing. What better example of the thriving nightlife out of Tel Aviv could compete with that?
The writer was a guest of the pub.
Three Monkeys Pub is located at
Royal Beach, Eilat. (08) 636-8888.