Shavuot specials: Part I

Shavuot is another opportunity to dish out a special menu. Here is a sampling of the holiday offerings in restaurants around the country.

Bin281_521 (photo credit: Courtesy)
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Cafe Joe and the Gad dairy farms offer an all-dairy special menu for this holiday. The new dishes will be served between June 1 -14 and will include a pizza bianca with white cream sauce instead of the usual tomato; ricotta crepe with pepper or mushroom; and a sweet ricotta crepe with two cup-o’-Joes.
Adama restaurant in Zichron Ya’acov is having a fish and cheese festival for Shavuot, offering fish specials for NIS 88 – smoked sea bass, ceviche, filet of cod and more, as well as a cheese and grape assortment for two (NIS 79).
Kramim in Segula will also be serving a special menu with an exclusive assortment of quality cheeses, fresh fish and vegetables. From the menu try the baked trout stuffed with cheese assortment over grape leaves in cream and thyme sauce (NIS 92) or the baked salmon filet with mozzarella and green peas (NIS 86). The vegetarian ricotta and eggplant cannelloni (NIS 64) also sounds good.
If you’re looking to combine dining with activities for the kids, the Barzilay Farm in Moshav Yarkona offers many activities for the young and the restless, while serving a special organic cheese plate with locally baked breads and organic wines at NIS 75 for the older and exhausted.
For a kid-free Shavuot evening, try the Bin 281 wine compound. The wine shop and bar offers a freeflowing wine and cheese party on Tuesday night at 8:30 for NIS 85 per person. Dizengoff 281, Tel Aviv.