The rising sun on Frishman Street

Sushi Bar Basel, an established TA sushi bar, moved to a new location and added new items to the menu.

food (photo credit: Courtesy)
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Despite the name of the place Sushi Bar Basel, which suggests that the sushi restaurant is located on Basel Street, it isn’t. It was there since 1997 and was one of the first successful sushi restaurants in Tel Aviv, with another branch in affluent Ramat Hasharon.
However, a dispute over the property led the owners to move to a new location on Frishman Street, near bustling Dizengoff.
The sushi bar itself is situated in the middle of the restaurant. The best place to sit is at the bar, where one can see the master preparing the dishes. If it’s romance you are seeking, there is a quiet little back garden where, weather permitting, you can spend a few hours serenely savoring your sushi.
The new branch serves the same fresh yet authentic Japanese cuisine under the much appreciated sushi master Yossi (Yoshi) Hulo. He was first introduced to Japanese cooking in New York, where he trained in the best sushi places before moving to Barcelona and then back home to Israel.
Sushi Bar Basel is a very friendly restaurant. Don’t expect a very Japanese ambience here. The new place is quiet and not formal at all, and the location is great. And there’s plenty on the menu to choose from and enjoy.
The menu is divided according to cooking methods, from yakitori, tempura, steaming and stir-fry to seared dishes and the raw sushi bar. Completing the menu are Japanese beverages such as many kinds of sake and plum wine, as well as exotic cocktails based on those drinks.
On a recent visit to the new Sushi Bar Basel, we decided to try items from each method and were surprised by a few dishes we were not accustomed to finding in most local sushi places.
We tasted the sashimi with fonz sauce (NIS 55) and a selection of sushi rolls, which were all excellent – fresh and precise. We had seared tuna with ginger sauce, which was delicious (NIS 45), as well as bean-noodle salad (NIS 32) and gyoza – steamed dumplings – (NIS 38) and vegetable tempura.
After that, we shared a crunchy stuffed chicken roll, which was delicious, cleverly seasoned and very filling (NIS 63).
The service throughout was friendly and efficient.
All in all, the food at Sushi Bar Basel was very good, and the atmosphere was warm and casual.
We also decided to make it our take-away place, as the prices are very reasonable.
The writer was a guest of the restaurant.
Sushi Bar Basel Not kosher 20A Frishman Street, Tel Aviv Open noon to midnight