Food Tidbits

Wissotzky has a new caffeine-free Red Tea with different flavors. (photo credit: )
(photo credit: )
Wissotzky has a new caffeine-free Red Tea with different flavors. The red herb infusion, from the Rooibos (the South African word for red bush), is rich in anti-oxidants and contains minerals such as zinc, iron, magnesium and copper. The three flavors of Red Tea are cinnamon-vanilla, chamomile-lime-honey, and rosehips-passion fruit; a package containing 25 tea bags is NIS 20.30. If you want to surprise your guests with a cake that looks elegant and tastes good as well, try the new Rich's-Kapulsky dairy cakes. They look like they come from the bakery but are available in the big supermarkets. The four Rich's-Kapulski cakes available are Chocolate (brownie base with meringue and bitter chocolate cream), Trio (chocolate mousse), Cheesecake, and Apple; prices vary from NIS 57 to NIS 63 for a 1.1 to 1.35 kilo cake. Mama Of makes mama's life easy by making different ready-made schnitzels that just need to be heated up. The newest variety is a schnitzel with a coating made of 100% whole wheat crumbs. A 700-gr. package of these healthy schnitzels, containing 7 to 8 pieces, is NIS 33. To spice up your food in an exotic way, you can try Nofet seasonings such as Indian, Italian, Iraqi or Chinese spice mixes. A bag of these spice mixes, varying in weight from 150- to 250-gr., is NIS 12. Especially for the winter season, Osem has new cakes on the shelves in the Ugot Habayit series, which go well with a nice hot drink. The two new flavors are Mocha Plus, with a mocha cream filling, and Vanilla-Strawberry Plus, with a strawberry jam filling. The cakes are available until the end of February for NIS 15.90. For those who like to bake their own chocolate cake, Carmit has a big chocolate bar that is ideal for coating and baking. The Cemacao Baker's Couvature is a 400-gr. bar, sold at NIS 9.50; the number of grams in each row of chocolate cubes is marked on the packaging for your convenience. Tapugan has new frozen potato slices coated with mild spices. These Potatoes, as they are called, come in a 700-gr. bag containing four smaller bags for convenient serving and cost NIS 23. The taste was judged only so-so in our household. A convenient, tasty and supposedly healthy treat to give your young kids for their mid-morning snack in school, or in lieu of a regular breakfast, is a Strauss Gamadim breakfast drink. The drinks contain apple and banana sauce, vitamins, minerals and grains (all blended, of course); a six-pack of the Gamadim Breakfast drinks is NIS 11.26. Prigat has a new apple- and caramel-flavored fruit nectar with toffee, suitable for those who like it sweet. The sweet nectar will be available for a limited amount of time only; a one-liter carton is NIS 4.5-5.5.