Food tidbits

Osem's instant dishes; fantastic cheese; chewing gum; triangular Lipton tea.

lipton tea 88.298 (photo credit: )
lipton tea 88.298
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Osem is offering two instant dishes available only during the winter months. My family found the rice with beans and chickpeas packet not bad, but the mashed sweet potatoes dish had absolutely no taste and went right in the garbage. The rice with beans and chickpeas is NIS 9.05, and the mashed sweet potatoes NIS 9.85. Mahlabane, a boutique dairy company, is marketing three new hard goat and sheep cheeses that are absolutely delicious. The three varieties are sheep cheese wrapped in bay leaves, goat cheese that has been marinated for three to four months in Merlot wine and Picorino Romano, an Italian type of sheep cheese. The cheeses are sold by weight at select supermarkets and delicatessen stores; prices vary from NIS 149.90 to NIS 169.90 per kg. New at the Supersol chain are shelled and roasted chestnuts, sold in packages of 150 gr. The chestnuts are ready to eat and can be used in cooking and baking; the price for a package is NIS 10. Elite is constantly coming up with new flavors for its Must chewing gum, and the latest addition is apple-flavored. The children who tested it out judged it a little odd, but kept on chewing; a box of Must gum is NIS 4.30. Bnei Darom is now marketing the 2006 olive oil from the first harvest of the winter season. The extra virgin olive oil contains up to one percent acidity, and the oil is separated from the olives by the "Sinolea" method, where the olive pulp is pierced with stainless steel blades, without the use of pressure or heat. A 500 ml. bottle is NIS 30, and a one-liter bottle is NIS 50. The olive oil can be bought at Moshav Bnei Darom, or can be delivered (call 08-851-5548). Osem has two new light cakes in the Osem Habayit series, without added sugar and containing one-third less calories than the regular cakes. The new light versions are pound cake with hazelnuts and the Light Plus cake with strawberry jam filling. The cakes weigh 330 gr. and are therefore smaller than the regular Habayit cakes; they are suitable for people with diabetes and carry the seal of the Israel Diabetes Association; the hazelnut cake is NIS 14.10 and the strawberry jam cake is NIS 15.90. For those with a sweet tooth, Ahva has halva sandwiches, consisting of a layer of vanilla halva, a layer of chocolate-flavored halva, and a layer of almond nougat cream in between the two, covered in chocolate. A plastic box, containing a 250 gr. slice of the halva sandwich, is NIS 8.90-9.90. Another sweet treat, more for kids than adults, is the Carlo Plus Mousse dessert. This dessert comes in three varieties: chocolate pudding with chocolate mousse, vanilla pudding with chocolate mousse, and chocolate and caramel pudding with chocolate mousse; a 150 gr. tub is NIS 2.18. Lipton tea has new flavored teas that come in pyramid-shaped tea bags. This shape allows for the use of bigger pieces of fruit and leaves and the makers claim the tea will be better and stronger, too. The types of tea available in the pyramid series are Earl Grey, flavored teas (mango-peach, citrus fruit, tropical fruit, forest fruit, caramel-vanilla) and infusions (Morocco and Cara bes); the price for a box of 20 tea bags is NIS 12.50.