Tivol has some new vegetable pastries made with a dough that itself contains 50 percent vegetable matter.

Tivol has some new vegetable pastries made with a dough that itself contains 50 percent vegetable matter. The vegetable pastries come with sweet potato, corn, spinach or cauliflower filling; you just have to heat them up in the oven or toaster oven, and they are quite tasty. You can find the Tivol pastry in the frozen-food department of your supermarket; a 640 gr. package is NIS 31.95. Although Barilla is known especially for its pasta products, you can also buy Barilla cookies in the Coop Blue Square supermarkets. The Pan di Stella cookies are yummy chocolate-hazelnut cookies decorated with white stars; a 350 gr. bag is NIS 15.49. The newest addition in the line of Tara yogurt drinks is the passion fruit-guava-kiwi yogurt drink, containing 1.5% fat. The drink is very refreshing, and is enriched with ginseng extract, for added energy. A 750 ml. bottle is NIS 10.90, and a 250 ml. bottle is NIS 4.19. New low-calorie snacks for diet-minded people are Osem's mini rice cake snacks, containing only seven calories a piece. The two new varieties are multi-grain and low sodium rice cake snacks; an 80 gr. bag is NIS 6.45. If you are a collector of special beer bottles (apparently those people do exist), or if you just like beer fresh from the tap, you should get the special edition of Goldstar Genuine Draft dark lager beer. This special edition of dark lager beer is available until the end of February; a package of six 330 ml. bottles is NIS 37. Ma'adanot has several baked products in the frozen food department such as burekas, pizzas or malawah. New are the mini-malawah with potato filling and the mini-jahnun, each containing 18 pieces. The mini-jahnun is ready to eat, and just has to be heated for one minute in the microwave; a 600 gr. package of mini-jahnun is NIS 16, and the same amount of mini-malawah is NIS 14.50. Prigat has a new type of 100% natural juice: Sweetie Grapefruit juice, available for a three-month period only. The juice is full of Vitamin-C; a one liter bottle is NIS 11 and 400 ml. is NIS 8. For those who like somewhat spicier olives there are now olives in a jar from Kvutzat Yavne: cracked spicy olives with olive oil and the cracked green olives with olive oil and hyssop (za'atar); the price for one jar is NIS 6.90. Maimon Spices has a few spices that come in a jar with a grinder, so you can grind the spices the moment you use them. New in this series are the bottle of sea salt with grinder and the Four-Seasons pepper with grinder, containing four different types of peppercorns; the price for these spices is NIS 9.90 a jar.