Eggplant salad; vegetable oils; Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay wines.

eggplant salad 88 (photo credit: )
eggplant salad 88
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Olivia has a new series of ready-made salads that were judged quite favorably by our panel of tasters. There are four different types of eggplant salad (pepper-eggplant, eggplant with liver flavor, sweet and spicy eggplant and a Balkan-type eggplant salad), a Chinese vegetable salad and an artichoke salad. A 265 gr. container is NIS 10.90. Etz Hazayit now has vegetable oils that are vitamin E-enriched, which supposedly helps reduce the risk of heart disease and prevents oxidation of the oils. In the series you can find canola oil, sunflower seed oil, corn oil (all NIS 8.60 a bottle) and soy oil (NIS 7 a bottle). The Yogev 2005 Sauvignon Blanc & Chardonnay wine is a nice refreshing dry white wine, good to accompany a meal or to be drunk as an aperitif. The price for a bottle is quite reasonable: NIS 35. You can now quench your thirst with Aquanova water, which is distilled water with added minerals. The water is rich in calcium and is also enriched with fluoride to protect your teeth; an eight-pack (six plus two) is now on sale for NIS 13-14. Especially for people who like to drink their coffee with milk, Nescaf has developed a Mild Roast instant coffee. This mild instant coffee is available in jars of 100 gr. and 200 gr.; a 200 gr. jar is NIS 26.45. Mahlabene has two new types of Bio yogurt that taste quite delicious to my taste buds at least, which prefer yogurt without any sweetener or fruity substance. The two new varieties are Turkish yogurt, made from cow milk, and bio-yogurt made from sheep milk; a 350 gr. jar is NIS 9. Hatzer Kinneret has a series of jams all based on dates, the specialty of Kibbutz Kinneret. In this series you can find dates-strawberry, dates-apricot, dates-kiwi, dates-apple and coconut, dates-mango and dates-orange jam. You can find these jams in the health food stores; a 250 gr. jar is NIS 9. Eating potato chips with a somewhat lighter conscience might now be possible with the new Elite lite Tapuchips or Osem Chipsi Free potato chips. The Tapuchips contain 60 percent less saturated fat; a 50 gr. bag is NIS 3.45. The Osem Chipsi Free potato chips contain 30% less fat than the regular version; the price for a 40 gr. bag is NIS 3.45. Tnuva has nice white cheese spreads in different flavors, containing 5% fat. The variations are natural, white cheese with olives, white cheese with dill and white cheese with salmon and onion; a 200 ml. container is NIS 8.26.