Nestle's La Cremeria has a new line of truly delicious gourmet ice creams called La Cremeria Italy.

Nestle's La Cremeria has a new line of truly delicious gourmet ice creams called La Cremeria Italy. These new ice creams are really creamy and come in small and more elegant looking boxes, for which you have to pay more, too. The three different flavors are gourmet vanilla, coconut with chocolate and almonds and chocolate-hazelnut; the price for a 700 ml. box of La Cremeria Italy is NIS 27.90. If you want to serve a different wine at your dinner table or for an aperitif, you can try the Australian Yellow Tail wines. The red wine Yellow Tail Shiraz is apparently the most widely sold Australian wine worldwide, and it is definitely very tasty. Besides the Shiraz, two other red wines are marketed here (Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot), and two white wines (Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon-Sauvignon Blanc); the price for a bottle, available in select wine stores, is NIS 52. Shevic is marketing an apple strudel that contains no cholesterol, so you can eat it with a clear conscience. The apple strudel, with raisins, cinnamon and apricot jam, was found to be quite yummy by our test panel; you can find it in the frozen food department of Mega, Super Center and Coop supermarkets and at select delicatessen stores. The price for a 500 gr. strudel is NIS 25, and a box of six individual-sized strudels is NIS 22. Pasta is usually a kid's favorite dish, and kids will love to eat the new Osem pasta in the shape of animals (lions, giraffes, elephants and turtles) or motorized vehicles (cars, motorcycles, trains and airplanes). The Zoo Pasta or Pasta On Wheels will be available for a limited time only, at NIS 6.90 for 450 gr. A very healthy side dish and something my kids surprisingly loved to eat (after I added certain flavors), is quinoa, a type of grain. Harduf is now marketing organic quinoa, which is rich in vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and Vitamin B. Quinoa can be used as the main ingredient for a cold salad or replace rice as a side dish; a 500 gr. package of Harduf quinoa is NIS 11.90-12.90. Machlevana has new Balkan treats this summer: spreadable Bulgarian cheese and a yogurt drink called Kefir. The bio-drink yogurt, sold at NIS 6.19 for a 400 gr. tub, contains only 3% fat and is a good alternative for those who don't like sweet drinks. The Bulgarian cheese spread contains 9% fat and costs NIS 13 for 250 gr. Strauss has a new Gamadim variety, the little dairy snack for young kids. The new Gamadim have an apple-biscuit flavor and contain real apple sauce. The desserts have a creamy texture and are enriched with iron, zinc, calcium and vitamins; a six-pack is NIS 7.75. Konditur has several syrups you can use on ice cream, pancakes, blintzes, fruit salads or cakes. The six available flavors are passion fruit, strawberry, caf latte, caramel, chocolate and maple syrup; a 480 gr. bottle is NIS 13.