Food tidbits

Although it's still officially winter, the ice-cream makers are already prepared for warmer weather with new flavors.

Although it's still officially winter, the ice-cream makers are already prepared for warmer weather with new flavors. Strauss is launching a new series of dairy ice creams on a stick called Milk Time, in such flavors as vanilla-cookie crumbs, vanilla-chocolate with a chocolate coating, and vanilla with a raspberry or lemon coating. To make you feel you're giving your kids something with health value, mention is made on the box of the fact that one such ice cream contains as much calcium as one glass of milk. A box containing 10 Milk Time ice cream sticks is NIS 20. Nice low-calorie snacks are the Osem Dakikiyot, thin crackers in the flavors onion or garlic-dill, containing only five calories apiece (of course you'll never eat only one). An 80-gr. bag is NIS 6.90. If you want to give your kids a roll for their mid-morning school snack, you could try the new Pillsbury light rolls, containing four different grains, and less calories than the regular white bread rolls. One roll is NIS 2. Tnuva's Yoplait now also has little yogurt drinks that supposedly boost the immune system and help improve the digestive system, just like the ones produced by its main competitor, Strauss. Yoplait 360 , with LGG bacteria and pro-bio fibers, comes in the flavors regular, peach and raspberry; the small bottles are designed to be appealing especially to children, with a hole in the middle. An eight-pack is NIS 18. Ma'adanot has new mini-burekas, filled with yellow cheese, with Bulgarian cheese and onion or with pizza flavor. The mini-burekas are a tasty snack for young and old, and are heated up in just a few minutes; the price for one package is NIS 21-NIS 22. My kids, who are not particularly fond of wafers, judged the new Minanim chocolate wafers, called Mechocoladim, to be better than the usual (and they served us to fill out a few Purim mishloah manot). The chocolate-coated wafers come with a chocolate or vanilla filling; one package is NIS 8-NIS 9. Aquanova is now also offering soda water, in addition to the Nova purified water with added minerals. The Aquanova soda water is low in sodium; four 1.5 liter bottles are NIS 11-NIS 13. If you're on the road and are getting hungry, you can go into an Alonit or AM-PM store and get a healthy sandwich, packed together with different vegetables and pickles and olives. The sandwiches come without crusts, and are "glued" together in the corners, so the contents won't leak out while you eat. The different varieties are pastrami, yellow cheese, tuna and cream cheese and olives; one meal is NIS 19.