Israel Opera honors Heiman, Zeltzer

Israel Opera honors Heim

The Israel Opera and a host of singers will pay tribute to Israel Prize-winning songwriters Nachum Heiman and Dubi Zeltzer. Singing with the Rishon Lezion Symphony Orchestra will be the likes of Din Din Aviv, Si Heiman (the daughter of), Shlomit Aharon, Guy Mannah and Haparvarim. Heiman composed the music for over 1,000 songs over 50 years and was one of the founders of the Givatron group. He also mentored such luminaries as Chava Alberstein. His cooperation with poet Nathan Yonatan was especially fertile and produced many classics of Israeli folk music, including "Hofim." Zeltzer composed the music of many Israeli films and theater pieces, including the play Kazablan. One of the singers who helped popularize Zeltzer's music with repeated performances was Yehoram Gaon. The tribute concert takes place on Sunday, November 22 at 8 p.m. at the Tel Aviv Performance Arts Center. For tickets call (03) 692-7777 or visit the Israel Opera Web site.