Kristallnacht exhibit goes up in TA

Kristallnacht exhibit go

kristallnacht exhibit 248.88 (photo credit: )
kristallnacht exhibit 248.88
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An installation by artist Gottfried Helnwein in memory of Kristallnacht will be presented in Israel for the first time to coincide with the staging of The Child Dreams - the first opera to be based on a play by Hanch Levin - for which Helnwein designed the stage. Helnwein first erected the installation in the fall of 1988 to mark the 50th Anniversary of the pogrom of November 9, 1938. The installation was placed between the Cologne Cathedral and the Ludwig Museum, alongside the railroad track of the central station of Cologne and was entirely financed by the artist. A hundred meter long wall of pictures with large images of children's faces, in a seemingly endless row, as if made to line up to be "selected." In the second night after the opening, unknown people cut all the throats of the Christian, Jewish and handicapped children portrayed in the pictures. For the occasion of the installation's presentation here, the artist has also included faces of Israeli children. The installation opens in the plaza in front of the Israeli Opera, Rehov Shaul Hamelech 19, Tel Aviv, at 6:30 p.m., January 18 and will be on display through the 20th.