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Popular singer Rona Keinan has entered the fashion arena, not as a designer, but as photographic model.

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rona keinan 88 298
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REJECTION DOES not always mean the end of the world. In fact it has brought fame and glory to Rodrigo Gonzales, who was rejected as a possible significant other on the reality show "Take Me Sharon." Following a gentle let-down, his career took off in leaps and bounds as he became an actor, children's show presenter, "teeny bopper" idol and a favorite among bachelorettes. His experiences as a soldier in Lebanon were published in Yediot Aharonot last year, after which he gained an even greater following and was sent by Keren Hayesod as an emissary to Spain. More recently, he came to public attention when he competed in Dancing with the Stars with partner Naama Tavori. Despite his Latin background, Gonzales is not a natural dancer, but with considerable coaching and a lot of hard work, his moves kept improving from show to show. Last week, he and Tavori emerged the winners - with a little help from their friends. Tavori teaches at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Ramat Hasharon, so the whole town from Mayor Itzik Rochberger downward became involved in an intensive SMS campaign to give the couple the necessary viewer points to sweep them to victory. After he and Tavori were crowned, Gonzales really showed his Latin roots when he literally swept Tavori of her feet in a passionate embrace of triumph. PRIZE WINNING choreographer and dancer Ido Tadmor, who has been seen a lot recently on Channel Two as a dance show adjudicator, almost always has an encouraging word to say to contestants (even when their performance is less than dazzling). Now he has added yet another feather to his bow. Tadmor was chosen as the guest designer for the Chaos fashion collection 2007, which premieres at a benefit night on June 6 with proceeds devoted to the war against AIDS. The collection is billed as "Chaos Emotion by Ido Tadmor". Instead of professional models, more than a dozen of Tadmor's friends will show the collection that took more than half a year to produce. Among them will be Bonny Ginsberg, Yigal Ravid, Ohed Hitman, Alon Abutbul, Omer Barnea, Segev Moshe. POPULAR SINGER Rona Keinan has also entered the fashion arena, not as a designer, but as photographic model. Keinan is featured in the new Comme il Faut catalogue along with celebrated actress Yevgenya Dodina and dancer Sharon Zuckerman. Comme il Faut is known for taking non-models and featuring them in their catalogues and on their billboard posters. ALTHOUGH HE has played many roles on stage and screen, Haim Topol is most closely identified with Tevye in "Fiddler on the Roof," the enduring musical based on Sholom Alecheim's "Tevye the Milkman." After successfully playing the role on stage in both Hebrew and English, Topol also starred in the film. More than 40 years down the line, he's still playing Tevye, and traveling the world to do so. In a recent interview on Israel Radio, Topol disclosed that when the part was first offered to him, he wasn't really enamored with it. He only came to appreciate it after he saw the movie Tevye and his Seven Daughters with the late Shmuel Rodensky in the title role. Watching Rodensky's performance sparked a new enthusiasm in Topol, who has since become synonymous with Tevye.