Concert Review: Handel and Telemann

JBO, Vocal and Instrumental Baroque, YMCA Auditorium, January 20.

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classical music 88
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JBOVocal and Instrumental BaroqueYMCA AuditoriumJanuary 20

One of Handel's unjustifiably neglected Italian cantatas, In the Flames, was presented by the Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra last week.

Anat Edri's bright, flexible, yet somewhat weak soprano was bestaudible in the recitatives, when the orchestra was silent. Hercoloraturas were clear and polished, and her expression was faithful toaccepted standards.

In his double capacity as conductor and viola dagamba soloist, Roberto Gini's impact was felt most conspicuously in hisconductor's role, in Telemann's Suite TWV 55. The composer mayhave intended this work for a smaller string ensemble and/or for asmaller salon, which would have caused the gamba to sound moredistinctly.

Finally, pleasant listening though Sammartini'ssymphonies make, three of them in one program is a little too much of agood thing, especially as they are not so very dissimilar from eachother in style and structure.

Overall, the orchestra displayed a rich, well-coordinated sound and noticeable joy in playing.