Flamenco master will mix it up in TA

Internationally praised guitarist/songwriter Diego Guerrero can do it all.

Guererro 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Guererro 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Whether it’s cante jondo, bolero, copla, Argentinean tango or Afro-Cuban music, internationally praised flamenco guitarist/songwriter Diego Guerrero can do it all.
As a teenager, Guerrero was taken in by the Gypsy minority where he grew up in Andalusia.
By day he studied composition, orchestral and jazz arrangement, and by night he became “Flamenco” – he’s considered to be one of only a few people capable of orchestrating the collaboration of entirely oral traditions, such as flamenco and rumba Cubana, with contemporary jazz, pop and classical music. Performing with his quintet at Reading 3 in Tel Aviv on September 9, Guerrero is likely to get the whole Tel Aviv promenade dancing.