Good music. Good cause.

Israeli classic rockers Ti-Slam reunite to play a concert benefiting the Rainbow Center, which helps children with autism and PDD.

tislam (photo credit: Courtesy )
(photo credit: Courtesy )
A benefit concert is one of the best manifestations of the two birds with one stone expression - you get to hear a great concert and help out an important cause. Such is the case for a show this Tuesday featuring the group Ti-slam, to raise funds for the Rainbow (Keshatot) Center for children with communication disabilities (autism and Pervasive Development Disorder (PDD). Formed in 1978, Ti-Slam released two albums, featuring such hits as Tnu Li Rokenrol (Give Me Rock n' Roll) and Radio Hazak (Loud Radio), and then disbanded. With a career that was short and sweet, it's considered one of Israel's most influential rock bands. In 1990 there was a short-lived comeback when the band recorded two new songs, released on the compilation album Nagnu Achshav (Play Now). More recently, the group played a few shows in 2003, 2004 and one in 2006. Since then Ti-Slam has remained dormant (with the exception of a recently released animated show, based on the band, on a cellular network). So the benefit show is quite a treat. The Rainbow Center, founded on Kibbutz Barkai in 1998, consists of five classes for children age three to 12. According to the organization's website, children suffering from PDD from all over the country are helped to better integrate into mainstream society through unique programming combining physical, emotional and academic activities including math, language, arts, sports, reflexology, animal assisted therapy and more. Rainbow also functions as a kindergarten and primary school year round, including summer vacation. So please, think of the children but also remember to have a good time. Ti-Slam performs at Gan Shmuel's performance center on March 17 at 8:30 p.m. Tickets, which start from NIS 150, can be purchased by calling the Rainbow Center at (04) 617-7384 or by email,