Music festivals bring out the stars

Two of the most venerable festivals taking place this summer are the Briza Festival and the Tamar Festival.

Rita 370 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Rita 370
(photo credit: Courtesy)
One sign that summer is in full swing – besides the heat waves – is the announcement of the annual music festivals that typify the Israeli musical landscape. Two of the most venerable are the Briza Festival, taking place from August 19 to 23, and the Tamar Festival, being held during Succot from October 1 to 5. And a young upstart which was launched only two years ago – the Moonlight in the Desert Festival returns on Tu Be’av, August 2-3.
The 21st annual Briza Festival, which will unfold at various venues in Ashkelon, will feature heavyweight headliners like Shlomo Artzi, Eyal Golan and Knesiat Hasechel celebrating their 20th anniversary, along with an admirable cross section of local talent like Riff Cohen, The Mercedes Band, The Tavlinim and a dozen other acts.
As a special attraction this year, the festival will feature, on August 20th, an event called “The Jewish Woodstock.”
Beginning at 4 p.m. and continuing until late at night, the performers will include Daniel Zamir, Aharon Razel and Udi Davidi.
This year the Tamar Festival, which takes place along the Dead Sea and includes various activities and hikes related to nature and the environment, will celebrate its bar mitzvah.
One of the best attended and most loved musical events in the calendar, this year’s festival should be no different, with a stellar lineup including Yehuda Poliker, Yehudit Ravitz, Rita, Barry Sacharov, Ehud Banai, Gidi Gov, Mashina, Shlomi Shaban, Balkan Beat Box and Hadag Nahash.
The Moonlight in the Desert Festival, which takes place at Han Hashayarot in the Negev, offers both a romantic getaway for the festival of love as well as family fare, including hikes and workshops and nighttime jeep trips under the full moon. But the main attraction is music, with performers including the Idan Raichel Project and Matti Caspi and Riki Gal in a duet.

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