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Ehud Banai and Mashina have decided to join forces yet again.

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mashina 88 224
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Ehud Banai and Mashina unite Ehud Banai and Mashina have decided to join forces yet again. The musical pairing will put on two shows together - the first will be at Park Timna on October 13, the second will be at the Caesaria Amphitheater on October 25. Mashina and Ehud Banai both came on the scene at nearly the same time in the Eighties. They first joined forces when Mashina frontman Shlomi Bracha cowrote the song "Rakevet Laila LeKahir" (Night Train to Cairo) together with Banai. The song helped Mashina break out of obscurity and onto the charts. Mashina never forgot Banai, and invited him to play with them at several of their big concerts over the years. Banai and Mashina have cooperated on various projects over the past couple of decades. Their upcoming three hour concerts will feature Mashina and Banai playing together and individually. Ticket details are not yet available. Miriam A. Shaviv Jerusalem to 'Rock' in the Pool The highly anticipated "Jerusalem Rocks" concert on September 9 has had an official change of venue. Sultan's Pool will replace Teddy Stadium as the new location for the high profile concert featuring The Black Eyed Peas, The Commitments, Arrested Development and a slew of Israeli bands including HaDag Nahash, Mooki, and Geva Alon. The seven hour music marathon is a not-for-profit show, privately organized to promote Jerusalem as a cultural center. Tickets have been on sale since July. Miriam A. Shaviv Everybody dance now The 2007 Tel Aviv Dance Festival taking place from October 5 to November 6 will be the biggest yet. Fourteen dance companies, both local and visiting, will present their works at the Suzanne Dellal Center, the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center, the Tmuna Theater and the Duhl Auditorium, "a first time collaboration among the city's main cultural centers," says Mayor Ron Huldai. The festival leads off with "Rasmia," a solo by one of Spain's leading dancer/choreographers, Miguel Angel Berna, complete with castanets. It ends with the lovely "Romeo and Juliet" performed by the Israel Ballet. In between, the Portuguese Contemporary Dance Company will give "Requiem" set to Benjamin Britten's music, and "The Seventh Bird's Dreams" inspired by a medieval Persian poem. The UK's The Popper Collective presents "The Other Side of Tender," a sometimes wryly humorous look at who we are. The somewhat folk-style "Cantata and Wam" set to music by Mozart comes from Italy's leading ballet company Aterballetto. The dance-theater piece "On danSe" brings back one of France's premier companies, Montalvo-Hervieu, and there's more from Spanish, Turkish and Polish companies as well. Israel is represented by the Kibbutz Dance Company and a selection from Intima Dance. Tickets range from NIS 100-300. Helen Kaye