Notes from the edge

From contemporary and classic to ethnic at the fringe Summer Night Music Festival in Jerusalem.

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ben band 88
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The four-evening Summer Nights Music Festival showcasing new talent at the Khan Theater is presented by the Jerusalem avant garde performance organization, Hazira. Tuesday night's show, From Mouth to Ear, features contemporary classical works by four female composers. In keeping with Hazira's interdisciplinary mission, it is a collaboration that mixes dance and puppetry art with music. The chairperson of the Israel Women Composers' Forum, Sivan Elias-Cohen, initiated it as part of her effort to combine classical creations by women composers with works of female artists from other disciplines. "Although the forum generally focuses on classical music, I wanted to expand its horizons in order to explore the relationship between different arts," she explains. "Summer Nights provided an ideal opportunity since it showcases diverse artistic media." Through the connections formed between these different arts, her creation depicts human relationships ranging from bonds between two people to the relationship between an artist and her work. Women will also be represented at the festival in the form of a selection of young composers, among them Hilat Ben Kanz and Meirav Cohen Hadar, whose original works will be performed by the acclaimed Meitar ensemble, as well as by vocalist Avital Raz. Raz will perform numbers from her recently released album Strange Love Songs, a contemporary music compilation infused with classical influences as well as Eastern sounds garnered form her five years of Hindi music study in India. One highlight of the festival is a concert featuring a group of talented young musicians performing their original lyrics set to 23 compositions by the iconic Sascha Argov. After his death last year, Argov's widow donated the compositions, which had yet to be to put to words, to Hazira in the hope that they would inspire young artists. Other artists set to appear include reggae group Reggaestan and Romanian folk singer Ada Millea whose band will play theatrical characters in her musical adaptation of Don Quixote. Renowned father-son duo Perez and Mark Eliyahu, originally from the Caucasus region of Central Asia, promise to engage audiences in a musical journey from Temple times and ancient Greece through to the present day. Monday through Thursday, Khan Theater, Jerusalem; tickets range from NIS 20 - 60; (02) 678-3378;