'Performing in TA isn't morally neutral'

UK group writes letter to Elton John, urging him to cancel June 17 concert.

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Elton John 88 248
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The British Committee for the Universities of Palestine sent a letter to Elton John this month, urging him to cancel his Tel Aviv concert, scheduled for June 17.
"Like much of the world, we think you’re a good bloke. You came out when it was difficult; you admitted your addictions were stronger than you were; you’ve poured money into AIDS research. Oh, and then there’s the music – not bad at all," the letter begins.
The pro-Palestinian group goes on to demand that John take a standagainst Israel's "dropping white phosphorus on a school building fullof children," and "walling a million and a half people up in a ghettoand then pounding that ghetto to rubble." The letter claimed thatperforming in Tel Aviv could not be seen as "morally neutral."
"Okay, you turn up in Ramat Gan, and it gets to that ‘Candle in theWind’ moment, and thousands of lighters flicker – but there won’t beany Palestinians from the Occupied Territories swaying along with theIsraelis – the army won’t let them leave their ghettoes," the lettercontinues, urging the legendary British superstar to "read what JudgeGoldstone said about the onslaught on Gaza," which accuses both Israeland Hamas of war crimes and possible crimes against humanity.
The UK group also accused Israel of being "knee-deep in ethniccleansing and land-theft and the endless daily suffocating ofPalestinian lives and hopes."