Placebo joins forces with Gorillaz

One of the most popular alternative rock bands of the last two decades is finally bringing its act to Tel Aviv.

Don’t forget to take your meds: Placebo, one of the most popular alternative rock bands of the last two decades, will join forces with Gorillaz Sound System on June 5 for a single show in Tel Aviv.
Since founding members Brian Molko (guitars, vocals) and Stefan Olsdal (bass) – former peers at a Luxembourg international school – formed Placebo in London in 1994, the band has become associated with everything from wild, drug-addled global tours to verbose songs with sexual undertones to an almost toxic cynicism.
The band enjoyed notable success in Israel when their song “Special Needs,” off 2003’s Sleeping With Ghosts, was featured in a clothing commercial.
Uber-urban, ultra-modern and unapologetic, Placebo have swept fansworldwide off their feet with youthful lyrics set to catchy riffs witha primal rock ’n’ roll feel.
After five studio albums thathave sold millions of copies, numerous hits, collaborations with thelikes of Robert Smith, Frank Black and Michael Stipe and memorablecovers of songs by artists as diverse as Kate Bush, The Smiths andSerge Gainsbourg, they are finally bringing their act to Tel Aviv.
Placeboand Gorillaz Sound System will perform on June 5 at the Tel AvivExhibition Grounds. Tickets cost NIS 225; price subject to change.