Sabra Sounda: Ronit Shahar

Beginning to Continue (Hed Arzi): A touching, earnest collection of songs.

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ronit shahar 88
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Ronit Shahar's title track, "Beginning to Continue," was a huge radio hit when released a couple months ago and continues to receive ample air time. From her other 10 tracks on the album, however, it will be difficult to choose another radio single of the same caliber as the songs don't really fit into the restricted local radio categorization. That's not to say, Shahar, has failed in her output in the Israeli women rock field. Rather, she presents here a touching, earnest collection of songs. A number of her songs are about time ("Kama Kesem," "Yam Shel Zman," "Lehatchil Lehamshich") be it the past and the present or memories and dreams. Six years have passed since we last heard from Shahar, and it seems on Beginning to Continue, her third album to date, she is reflecting on life. She wrote lyrics to and composed musically 10 of 12 tracks. Her musical producer was Louie Lahav, who also recently wrapped up working with woman rocker, Dana Berger. Save for the title track, the songs on Beginning to Continue have a melancholic nature. And while she most definitely possesses talent, because her songs will be slotted into the easy listening category which locally is brimming, Shahar's latest output has a prospect of getting lost. This is unfortunate. Fans will not be disappointed.