Stars shine a light on children at risk

Fundraising show in Tel Aviv for Migdalor Hashomer youth center to feature The Angelcy, Yael Shoshana Cohen from "The Voice," Daniela Spector.

Fundraising show for Migdalor Hashomer (photo credit: Courtesy)
Fundraising show for Migdalor Hashomer
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Working as the musical coordinator at Migdalor Hashomer, a center for children at risk, it came naturally for soloist Rotem Bar Or of band The Angelcy to organize a fundraiser concert to help his beloved youth club.
Bar Or, who has worked at Migdalor Hashomer in Petah Tikva for around a year and a half, decided that the time had come to face the financial problems plaguing the center head on, and as such, gathered together some of his favorite musicians to help rescue Migdalor Hashomer. Those slated to perform with Bar Or at The Barby in Tel Aviv on Saturday night for the fundraising concert titled "Or Be Migdalor" (Light at The Lighthouse) include Daniela Spector, Yael Shoshana Cohen from reality show "The Voice," Uzi Ramirez as well as Tzlil Danin from Metropolin.
"When I thought about ways to help the center, which has been suffering from financial problems for some time now, I thought it was very natural for me to do something using my music," Bar Or told The Jerusalem Post. "It started as an idea. Bringing people together is something I do with my band, so I thought it would be a good idea to make it into a larger event."
This is the first time that The Angelcy soloist has organized an event on such a scale, and it is something he is excited about.
The line-up was very carefully selected, with all the performers sharing a certain musical style. "We wanted there to be some common ground between the artists," explained Bar Or. "It was important that the line up wasn't too eclectic."
As well as including acts that have the ability to win over a crowd, it was important for Bar Or to put together a line-up that included friends of his and people he respects professionally. The night will consist of five different acts, all of which will offer up something above and beyond their regular performances.
Yael Shoshana Cohen, along with her band, will make up one of those five acts. Cohen recently became a household name in Israel when she appeared on the the hit show "The Voice." Years before finding fame on "The Voice," Cohen performed as part of a band with her partner, Gil Landau, as well as Matty Gilad and Rami Oselvar. Rechristened with the name Bells and March, the band is ready to deliver its music to the masses, Cohen told The Jerusalem Post.
Cohen also touched on the importance of participating in such a  worthwhile event.
"Everyone performing at the concert is making a special effort and it promises to be a very special evening,” Cohen said. "It's such an important cause and it's very critical that people some to support what we are doing."
Cohen explained that doing special fundraising concerts such as this are a good excuse for her band, as well as the other artists, to do something "out of the box."
Bells and March play an eclectic mix of folk music with Country and Irish tones thrown into the mix. "Our songs sound like they are from a different place, some of them are reminiscent of old lullabies. They take people to a different world," Cohen explained.
Despite gaining notoriety on "The Voice" as a soloist, Cohen insists that her focus is on her band. "This [the band] is was what I had before "The Voice" and that is what I have these days," she said. "I am going to invest my time in my band and the new album that we are working on."
In addition to paying special thanks to the performers taking time out of their busy schedules to appear for free, Bar Or stresses that the night would not be possible without the help of people behind the scenes, including the team at The Barby club and those involved in promoting the show.
At the top of Bar Or's thank you list is the staff at the Migdalor Hashomer center. "The center is made up of a lot of people and most of them work there out of the kindness of their hearts," Bar Or said.
All proceeds from the evening will go directly to the center that offers an informal space for youth at risk to take part in non-verbal activities such as games, music, cooking, trips and workshops.
The concert will take place at The Barby club, Kibbutz Galuyot 52, Tel Aviv on Saturday March 9 at 9:30 p.m.For tickets:, (03)510-7070 (10 a.m.-6p.m.)