Tower of David hosts hazanut concert

Cantors will dedicate their show to Mordechai Hershman.

The Tower of David is gearing up to host its 18th annual hazanut concert, which this year will be dedicated to Russian-American cantor Mordechai Hershman. Participating cantors will perform pieces of the prayer service and songs in Yiddish - all of which had been sung by Hershman. Those participating include Shlomo Glick, Aaron Gerlitz, Asher Heinovitz, Yochanan Hoenig, Simon Cohen, Moshe Solomon, Reuven Pinsky and Yechezkel Klang. The concert will be held under the stars in the Old City of Jerusalem on September 8 at 8:30 p.m. Tickets: (02) 626-5333.