Two musical forces collide

Mika Karni and Neshama Carlebach share the stage.

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mika neshama 88 298
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When singers Mika Karni and Neshama Carlebach met last year in Bet Guvrin for a groundbreaking concert called "Women Sing Carlebach" that connected the spiritually-charged music of the late Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach with secular Israeli singers, they spoke about collaborating sometime in the future.
Click for upcoming events calendar! "Now is the time," says Karni, who will share the stage with her counterpart on February 22 at the Brodt Center for Jewish Heritage Studies in Tel Aviv. "During that concert Neshama guest hosted a number of singers [including Etti Ankri, Leah Shabbat, Ruti Navon, Yasmin Levy, Hadara Levin Areddy, and Karni herself], and we really connected," Karni tells The Jerusalem Post. While Neshama Carlebach - the daughter of the late legendary Jewish singer-songwriter Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach - is known for her soul music, Karni's style is more rock oriented. Their joint concert will include songs from each of their repertoires. Karni's latest album, Pashut v'Tov (Simple and Good), is comprised catchy rock songs infused with electronica beats. She says in her performance with Carlebach, the louder elements of her music vanish and that the concert will be acoustic. "We're going to sing my songs as well as her songs and two of each of our songs together," says Karni. "The show will be an evening of relaxed and pleasant tunes, nothing extreme or noisy." Collaborating with local singers is nothing new for Carlebach who regularly visits and tours Israel. During her current circuit between February 22 and March 1, in which she will appear at venues in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Binyamina, and Netanya, Carlebach will also perform a joint concert with Etti Ankri (March 1 in Jerusalem). This is Carlebach's first concert tour in Israel since giving birth. Her producer-pianist David Morgan, who she calls her "other half", will accompany her during her concerts here. "I am so excited to see her after the pregnancy, to be with her on stage," says Karni. "Our concert is a meeting of two people. We decided to collaborate; no impresario pushed us to join forces. That's what is special about the upcoming show, there's truth in this show. I'm sure it will be an emotion packed evening." Mika Karni and Neshama Carlebach will perform on Thursday, February 22 at the Brodt Center for Jewish Heritage Studies in Tel Aviv and again at the Milestone Club, Mivtzar Shuni on Tuesday, February 27. For tickets and information, call 03-695-4522. Carlebach will also perform a benefit concert with Etti Ankri on March 1 at the Gerard Behar Center in Jerusalem. For tickets and information, 03-532-5272.