Wire-tapping continues in Jerusalem

Second installment in series to combine man and machine in electro-acoustic encounters for cello, viola and bass clarinet.

border police 88 (photo credit: )
border police 88
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After last month’s promising debut, Tom Soloveitzik’s Wire-tapping series strikes again with tonight’s show at the Barbur Gallery in Jerusalem, bringing together electronic and acoustic around the borderline between written and improvised music, titled Man and Machine - Electro-Acoustic Encounters for Cello, Viola and Bass Clarinet.
Dutch composer and performer Ronald Boersen will examine the reciprocity between his viola improvisation and electronic music. Dganit Elyakim will perform electronics in her composition, complemented by Dan Weinstein (cello) and Nathan Brand (video) for a similar exploration. Elyakim will push her expedition further with a solo performance combining tape recordings and other electronic and acoustic means.
Multi-instrumentalist, improviser, and composer Yoni Silver willperform a solo piece for bass clarinet, and team up with Boersen forjoint improvisation.
Thursday, February 18, 8:30 p.m., 6 Shirizli Street, Jerusalem. Admission is free.