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Why don't we make Tu Be'av (August 6) into a meaningful holiday?

Dining review 224.88 (photo credit: )
Dining review 224.88
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Why don't we make Tu Be'av (August 6) into a meaningful holiday? While it should be clear to everyone that your love within should be expressed beyond the confines of just one day per year, it is still an amazing point of celebration for which to set aside a special day. So, to help us all break through the boundaries of love, here is what I'm suggesting: make a date to celebrate with someone you haven't seen in a long time. From now on, let's turn Tu Be'av into a day where you clear your schedule to rekindle your love for a neglected friend. And, let me set the example - right here, right now - Shira Katz, let's celebrate Tu Be'av together. I'm thinking dinner date and maybe a movie? Come on baby, and give me the yes that I'm hoping for! Here are a few places for such a dinner date, with Shira for me and someone else for you. The Agadir hamburger chain celebrates with a cocktail of Cava and exotic berries (NIS 24) and with a special dessert made of mini deserts (NIS 29). *5690; For you carnivorous lovers out there, Rishon Lezion's Meatball offers a couples deal including one first course off the menu, a 450g heart-shaped burger with one side dish, two glasses of Cava and dessert for NIS 150 per couple. 11 Rehov Moshe Becker; (03) 964-6468 Though perhaps spending time in public is not your idea of romantic seclusion. So, if you desire to be alone with your chosen, Cramim in Moshav Sgula offers a picnic basket that includes the house bread with spreads, Syrian olives, leek quiche, root salad, hard cheeses, white wine and a soft drink for NIS 159. But, if you prefer to eat at the restaurant, special dishes for the day include: chicory salad with salmon and kohlrabi (NIS 39) and lamb spareribs in BBQ sauce (NIS 89) with Cava and cocktails being offered at special prices. (08) 850-5859 Havat Hatavlinim, a very romantic spot on the Gilboa hill, has a couples meal of a first and main course, dessert and both a soft and hot beverage for NIS 150 per diner. Among the courses being offered are: a chives crepe filled with chicken liver and green leaves served with cream sauce; a 250g entrecote steak cut off a local cow and served on a bed of root vegetables; and lamb chops in honey sauce. In addition to the meal, diners will be treated to a cocktail, the lady (should there be one) gets a rose and everyone can enjoy the incredible view in which they find themselves. For reservations and directions call (04) 653-1093. Bellini, a terrific Italian restaurant located in the very beautiful and very romantic courtyard of the Suzanne Dellal Center, is offering a couples meal that I implore you to consider. The experience includes a Bellini cocktail for each professed lover, a first course of shrimp in white wine, truffle gnocchi for a main course, tiramisu for dessert and two glasses of Lambrusco for NIS 150 per diner. 6 Rehov Yehieli, Tel Aviv; (03) 517-8486 Chef Yaron Shalev's Toto has on offer many special dishes especially made for this lovely day, including: an oxymoronic jumbo shrimp and calamari cooked on the plancha and served on a salad of black lentils with artichokes, onions and Thai okras (NIS 148) and prime rib for two served with organic pumpkin in a veal and truffle broth (NIS 250). Furthermore, to go with the general theme of 'special,' special cocktails have been devised to be served in the atmosphere of love that will encompass Shalev's most impressive establishment. 4 Rehov Berkowitz, Tel Aviv; (03) 693-5151 Nona Coffee Bar celebrates every single hour of Tu Be'av starting August 5 at midnight. Open 24 hours in any case, this couples deal consists of one bruschetta of roasted peppers and mozzarella and another of blue cheese and pears as well as snacks of goat cheese and rosemarie with two glasses of wine for NIS 99. Additionally, two red-colored cocktails are on offer: Compassion made with Campari, passion fruit and oranges (NIS 35) and a watermelon mojito (NIS 40). 44 Rehov Ibn Gvirol, Tel Aviv; (03) 696-6365