A healthier snack, for when you feel the urge to nosh on something, are Sunfrost's soybeans, a known snack in the Far East.

Terra is the name of healthy and yummy vegetable chips, made from root vegetables such as sweet potato, yucca (cassava), taro (the "potato" of the humid tropics), batata, and parsnip. These chips contain all natural ingredients, and are fried in non-hydrogenated vegetable oils. Terra chips are available in health food stores and delicatessen stores; a 110 gr. bag of Terra Original is NIS 14.90. Yoplait has three new additions to its healthy "white" yogurt series: yogurt with raspberry and cranberry at the bottom containing 1.2 percent fat, yogurt with dried fruits at the bottom, and yogurt with a subtle flavor of apple, both containing 1.5 percent fat. The White Yoplait yogurts supposedly help speed up metabolism and burn fat. The price for the yogurts with fruit at the bottom is NIS 3.31, and the apple flavored yogurt is NIS 2.52. Rich's has new dairy, sinfully delicious eclairs, stuffed with vanilla cream. The two variations are eclairs with vanilla cream with a chocolate cover, or without a chocolate cover; the price for a box containing 12 clairs is NIS 31.90-37.90. A healthier snack, for when you feel the urge to nosh on something, are Sunfrost's soybeans, a known snack in the Far East. You can heat up the beans in the microwave, or in hot water, and add salt to taste; a 400 gr. bag of the Sunfrost soybeans is NIS 13. If you want to make sure your toddler will continue drinking milk after you stop giving him formula, you can try the new Materna Big flavored milk powder, containing the necessary vitamins, minerals, and pro-Bio bacteria. The Materna Big is suitable for kids from age two to six, and comes in chocolate, banana, and strawberry flavors; a 450 gr. container is NIS 25. Tara has new drink yogurts enriched with omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial to the heart as well as to the immune system; the omega-3 is added to the Tara You strawberry yogurt drink and to the new flavor cranberry-cherry yogurt drink. A 250 ml. bottle of Tara You omega-3 enriched yogurt drink is NIS 4.34, and 750 ml. is 11.28. Those who like baking more oriental-flavored cookies such as baklava, or who like the sahlab drink will be happy with the new baking ingredient by Gilam: vanilla sugar with rose water flavoring. A box containing eight sachets of this vanilla sugar is NIS 2.49. Maimon herbs have a new series of spices for the preparation of fish in different ways. The three variations are spices for fish baked in the oven, oriental spices for fish, and spices for sauce, based on butter, cream, and olive oil; the price for a jar is NIS 14.90.