The Roladin bakery is offering real gourmet sufganiyot, for those who are looking for something other than the traditional jam filling.

The Roladin bakery is offering real gourmet sufganiyot (doughnuts), for those who are looking for something other than the traditional jam filling. While children will love the mini-doughnuts with chocolate filling and sprinkles, most of the other flavors will be appreciated by adults only, especially the ones containing liquor. These include the Jamaica (chocolate and rum filling) and Havana (with chocolate, coconut milk and espresso filling) sufganiyot, and the doughnuts with a cr me p tissi re filling. The filling in the mini-doughnut with jam was thought to be somewhat on the skimpy side in my house, and the prices for mini-doughnuts vary from NIS 4 to NIS 6.50, depending on the filling. We all loved the sufganiyot from the English Cake bakery that came with a generous amount of strawberry jam (and were loaded with calories too, I'm sure). English Cake offers such other varieties as hazelnut cream or halva cream filling as well; a regular size sufganiya is NIS 4-NIS 5, and a mini-sufganiya is NIS 3-NIS 4. This bakery also has an American-style doughnut (with the hole in the middle) with chocolate, vanilla or strawberry frosting with sprinkles; their price is NIS 6. Children will be expecting Hanukka-gelt from you, and chocolate coins are a traditional treat. Karmit has small bags of gold-colored coins for NIS 5, or bags with milk chocolate coins wrapped in gold, blue and pink foil for NIS 6. Gold-colored coins wrapped in a candle-shaped box are NIS 10. Karmit also offers a checkers-type game where each player uses chocolate coins; the winner will enjoy a sweet victory and gets to eat all the chocolate! The Chocoladamka checker game is NIS 8. Oil has a symbolic meaning this holiday, and if you make your own sufganiyot or latkes, you will use quite a bit of it. Adama offers organic oil, and the new canola (rape seed) oil is ideal for frying the traditional Hanukka foods. Other organic oils from Adama are sunflower-seed oil for deep frying, and soy oil for baking; the prices for these oils, available in health food stores and selected supermarkets, vary from NIS 22.90 to NIS 24.90. New on the market is Golan Olive Oil produced in Katzrin. The Golan Olive Oil Mill produces different varieties of olive oil: Beit Saida, Kursi and Tabha. The oil will soon be available in selected stores, and can now be ordered over the phone or on the Internet (www.golanoliveoil.com ). Delivery is free with an order over NIS 250. Kad Bnei Darom now has the first olive oil of this season's harvest, grown at the orchards of Moshav Bnei Darom. You can buy the olive oil at the moshav's visitors' center, or order over the phone or through the Internet (www.kad.co.il). One liter is NIS 50, and half a liter is NIS 30; the olive oil will be delivered anywhere in the country if you order more than NIS 200. Ets HaZayit has a new oil called Oil Mix, made from soy, canola, and sunflower seed oil; it is especially good for deep frying. The oil is vitamin E enriched and has more health qualities, thanks to the mix of the three oils; a one-liter bottle is NIS 8.95. The brand 778 has added a new variety to its line of jams (containing at least 35 percent fruit or fruit mash) and comfitures (containing at least 45% fruit and pieces of fruit): the 100% fruit delicatessen is made, as its name suggests, from 100% fruit and fruit concentrate, with no added sugar. This 100% fruit variety is available in strawberry, sour cherry, apricot-passion fruit and four berries; a 275 gr. jar is NIS 14. Another popular filling for a sufganiya is caramel cream, and if you want to make your own doughnuts, you can use the Dulcor Dulce de Leche, real caramel from Argentina. The dulce de leche is enriched with calcium and iron; a jar is NIS 10.