You can do it all night long

Many of the Tel Aviv's restaurants are offering all-night deals for the upcoming White Night festival in Tel Aviv (July 3 to 4).

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frieda kalo 224
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My first white night was not a planned one. At the time, I was in the army serving on an open base. This means leaving every day at 5 p.m., returning the next morning at 8 a.m. and getting as drunk as possible in between in the attempt to forget the horrible, mundane life being forced upon you. On this particular Thursday night we were out drinking as usual. I had to be up the next day at 6 a.m. to return to base for Shabbat and, as such, had set myself a midnight curfew. As the story goes, one drink led to another, the chances to hook up with a girl were plausible, thus midnight turned into 2 a.m. and then to four. At that point I knew my night was white, though I didn't yet know that it would not include any girlie action. The amazing thing is that, after a certain moment, you're not tired anymore. Hunger, however, was something else. Luckily, many of the city's restaurants are offering all-night deals for the upcoming White Night festival in Tel Aviv (July 3 to 4) . The burger chain Agadir offers special deals from 11:30 p.m. Their 220g maxi hamburger with fries is just NIS 35 or NIS 42 with a pint of Carlsberg. Summer cocktails such as the coconut daiquiri and vodka with cream and cherries (NIS 28) are also on offer. 2 Nahalat Binyamin St., (03) 510-4442; Tel Aviv port, (03) 544-4045 The Latin restaurant Frida Kahlo, whose menu includes only first courses and desserts, will serve special seafood dishes alongside discounted beer and Cava. The selection includes mussels with a third-liter of Tuborg (NIS 52), gazpacho shrimp with Cava brut (NIS 52) and a seafood stewpot with a third of Pilsner (NIS 53). Setting the mood, a DJ will play Latin groove music all night. 43 Lilienblum St., (03) 566-4810 The Ethiopian restaurant Habash has a live Ethiopian band with dancers set to perform at 9 p.m. In addition a traditional tasting menu along with cold beers and the Ethiopian beverage Taj will be available. 2 Allenby St., (077) 210-0181 In Neve Tzedek, Nana and the wine boutique Pri Hagefen are holding a white night party with an outside bar set up between the two establishments. Bottles of Cava will be sold for NIS 55 with light courses served as a nosh. Nana, 1 Ahad Ha'am St., (03) 516-1915; Pri Hagefen, 4 Ahad Ha'am St., (03) 516-9168 The brasserie Druker's celebrates their summer menu with a special deal of first course, main course and dessert for NIS 89. Courses include salmon tartar with sunflower sprouts and avocado, forest mushrooms fricassee on truffle cream with goat cheese roll, hot avocado shrimps with kashkaval cheese and cherry tomatoes and more. 17 Montifiore St., (03) 566-3535 The Asian restaurant Minna Tomei has a special menu of first course, main course and dessert or cocktail for NIS 78. You can choose from such delights as Vietnamese salad, vegetarian Thai dumplings, Saigon rolls as a starter; Bombay butter chicken and Minna Thai red sirloin (or tofu) for your main course and banuffi and banana lotti for dessert. If you go the cocktail route then it's either a passion fruit or lichi mojito. 30 Ibn Gvirol St., (03) 696-6363 A tasting menu is planned at the meat and wine bistro Traklin. For NIS 160 per couple, five courses can be chosen from such selections as bull's testicles on roasted peppers, Toulouse sausages filled with pecorino, beef and sour cabbage, toasted eggplant in yogurt and cream cheese, chicken liver pate encrusted with dried fruits and more. An assortment of bubbly drinks will be served for a maximum NIS 25 per glass. 41 Nahalat Binyamin St., (03) 566-0013 So, whether it's eat, drink or party that you're after, and I'd suggest all three, Tel Aviv is where you can stay up to get down. And, hopefully, you'll have some good fortune with the ladies - or guys, if that's what you're into.