Tamar Ben-Ozer

Tamar Ben-Ozer

Tamar is a breaking news editor at The Jerusalem Post. Originally from Brookline, MA, she writes and sings in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Nicole Krauss, the acclaimed author of The History of Love.

50. Nicole Krauss

Oslo Accords

On This Day: 25 years ago today, the Oslo Accords were completed

Palestinian flags flutter at a protest against the Nation-State Law in Rabin Square, Tel Aviv

Tens of thousands protest Nation-State Law at Arab-led rally in Tel Aviv

Israel's national flag is projected on the wall near the Tower of David in the Old City of Jerusalem

Bedouin join Druze in High Court petitions against Nation-State Law

air strike

Report: One dead, three wounded in IDF strike on Gaza Strip


Police arrest three suspects over kidnapping of Arab boy

Tamar Zandberg speaks at Knesset

Opposition MKs outraged at silence following kidnapping of Arab boy

Gaza flotilla

Israeli Navy stops Gaza flotilla attempting to breach naval blockade

HADASH MK Ayman Odeh, leader of the Joint Arab List, speaks at the Knesset in this file photo.

Knesset Ethics Committee bars Ayman Odeh from plenum for a week


Bidding goodbye to a legend - Jose Carreras hasn’t lost his magic


Erdan: Hamas prisoners to be barred from watching FIFA World Cup


Erdogan: Palestinians are the symbol of all oppressed people in the world

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas addresses a meeting of the Palestinian Central Council

'Let Abbas’s vile words be his last as Palestinian leader,' New York Times says


Lag Ba'omer with Jamiroquai sets Rishon ablaze, burns BDS


Paralyzed man finishes London Marathon aided by Israeli robotic suit

Spy wars

7 alleged Mossad spies sentenced in Algerian court


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