Lawfare Project helps Jewish surgeon fight unfair treatment by hospital

Following a complaint about problematic emails sent around Easter, the surgeon was subjected to unfair treatment, including threats and public humiliation.

Surgeon selecting sterilized tool for operation. (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Surgeon selecting sterilized tool for operation.
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
The Lawfare Project, an organization made of legal experts who help defend the civil and human rights of Jews, helped a Jewish surgeon subjected to unfair treatment due to his identity, according to the Jewish News Syndicate
The Jewish trauma surgeon's name and the name of the hospital where he works were not disclosed due to confidentiality issues.
The surgeon complained about hospital emails that were sent to all employees during the Easter holiday in last April. 
The emails contained verses from the bible which, according to the anonymous surgeon, have been used throughout history to 
promulgate hatred against Jews, JNS reported.
Following the complaints about the email, the surgeon was subjected to various threats and an overall, unjustifiable, treatment by the management, including: public humiliation, derogatory comments and threaten salary-cuts. 
"Unfortunately, as antisemitism persists in the workplace, [and] this case is just one of many involving discrimination against Jewish employees," according to a statement by the Lawfare Project. 
Ultimately, after the Lawfare Project's intervention, a settlement agreement was reached. The settlement included financial compensation and protection from future retaliation, as well as an agreement that the hospital will not send the similar emails again.