BDS movement

The BDS movement established an international campaign to exert pressure on Israel through economic, academic and cultural approaches. The BDS Israel movement calls for "various forms of boycott of Israel until it fulfills its obligations under international law." The movement was initiated at the United Nations Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa in 2001.

American Anthropological Association votes to boycott Israeli academic institutions

The boycott applies only to formal collaborations with the association itself, and it does not apply to individual Israeli academics.


Wolff in sheep's clothing: 'Jewish' BDS advocate discovers he's not Jewish

“In journalistic circles, the question was not when Fabian Wolff’s costume of Judaism would be exposed, but only who would make it public first,” wrote journalist Philipp Peyman Engel.

Anti-Israel protest

Israeli embassy slams German scholar for accusing Israel of 'apartheid'

Muriel Asseburg compared the standards the West used to assess conflict in Ukraine versus in Palestinian territories and accused Israel of "apartheid".

Republicans threaten Biden nominees over ‘antisemitic' boycott of Israel

The Biden administration decided that US-Israel government-funded cooperation in a variety of areas must take place in pre-1967 Israel.

UK Conservative Party to introduce anti-BDS legislation

The bill is intend to prevent local governments from interfering in UK foreign policy as well as clamp down on antisemitism.

CUNY Graduate Center

Anti-Israel speech: Jewish NGOs call for US Bar to revoke CUNY's accreditation

A law graduation commencement speech called for a rage-fueled revolution against capitalism, racism, imperialism and Zionism worldwide.

Jewish anti-Israel conference sparks controversy in Canada

The Independent Jewish Voices is holding a conference in which a number of controversial anti-Israel speakers are set to take part.


BDS celebrates Egypt border terrorist in Arabic Facebook post

Despite the Facebook post celebrating the actions of Ibrahim, the BDS website claims to urge “nonviolent pressure on Israel.”

Israel's allies meet in Europe to combat labeling regulations

The IAC also plans to install a resolution encouraging embassies to move to Jerusalem.


Barcelona mayor who severed ties with Tel Aviv loses election

She was defeated by Xavier Trias, the right-wing candidate from the Junts party, a former mayor who Colau had previously unseated in 2015.

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