At Least I Wasn't Dressed Yet

And so the cycle continues... disappointment follows hope. The hope was barely a glimmer and the disappointment barely a sigh, and in the grand scheme of my entire life, this moment will be forgotten.


But while I''m in it, it sucks.


It''s such a small thing. Just a broken date. And probably just postponed. He even gave me a day''s notice, as opposed to other maniacs who just left me all dressed up with no place to go.


Honestly, I''ve had worse disappointments; like when all of the clothes in my closet shrunk, and when I suffered a wax that no one saw but my gynecologist.


But why is it that when men disappoint, it just feels different?


It''s not a broken heart, just a broken date. But nonetheless, it''s another reinforcement of the cycle of hope and disappointment that taunts me, that threatens my equilibrium.


A few months ago, this setback would have sent me into a menage a trois with Ben and Jerry. Today I am thinking that I still might make it to the gym. 

Good for me.