Does this Spandex come in an extra large?

I have stopped obsessing about men. Now I can concentrate on getting into physical shape.(I''ll make ''em really sorry they didn''t stick around... )


Unfortunately, clubs for getting into shape are the domain of those in shape already; the playgroud of glistening ab''d men that work out in front of mirrors, and perky women in spandex.


And then I walk in. With my trusty sweatpants and long t-shirt (please let this be the t-shirt without the stains on it, I whisper to myself). 


I come straight from work, after a 9 or 10 hour day to do my laps, maybe test the treadmill, maybe join the yoga class and last but not least, to meet people.


I thought it might be a nice place to meet men. But how do you start up a conversation with a guy at a pool? "Hi... I really like your speedo."


All of that said and done, I''m really glad I joined this pool. The other place I was going to started feeling like a lot of Muscovites vacationing on the Black Sea.  


All I really wanted was to join a pool, but I went the whole route and joined a country club.


I''m glad I did.


And I''ll talk to the men after they change out of their Speedos and into something less distracting.