Who is really fighting ISIS?



            President Barack Obama and Russian leader, Vladimir Putin sat down for the first time in two years. Both political leaders discussed about the fight against ISIS and Obama said that this was going to be a long-term campaign, but he is optimistic.

He said that he is wiling to work with any nation including Russia and Iran and insisted in Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to leave his power.  The sound of this message was odd since the contribution of Russia in Syria have been shown through its military presence.

British Prime Minister, David Cameron also supported Obama’s idea and said, “these people claim to act in the Islamic religion, they don’t.”  However, Putin disagreed. He believes that the world should stick with Assad and that we, the world should help the Syrian government since they are facing the battle face to face.


This campaign will definitely be a tough one not only because the world could possibly join each other to stop terrorism, but also due to the different political views candidates have.

I have been following the war that ISIS seems to be wining daily by terrorizing thousands.  I have written articles where people have even asked me, why do you bother? How does the lives of Syrians or those in the Middle East affect you?

Well, I am human and I have a huge devotion to give voice to the weak ones, or the ones who are scared to talk. I come from a third world country where minorities were hugely prosecuted for their thoughts and color skin. Of course I will stand for anyone who is being prosecuted in his/her own land.

ISIS has already killed over 250,000 people and has turned them into migrants all over Europe. Migrants, who are facing brutal attacks, have no access to bathrooms, a comfortable bed and have even lost their lives trying to escape and get a better life.


If this deal between so many powerful nations is real, then I have no doubt that politics for once will get supernatural powers. I believe that with technology, military supplies and will power we can end this battle.

ISIS is a group that grows stronger, and much more everyday. They target innocent people and turn them into soldiers, or kill those who don’t want to kill, or follow what they say must be done.

I believe humanity still has a little bit of compassion and together we could all come together to end terror and bring a peaceful resolution for thousands in the Middle East.