Bring peace through an app #liveamoment

In the age of the smartphone, apps have been created to solve a number of society’s problems. Now, entrepreneur and humanitarian Deborah Greene has developed an app to help move the world towards peace from a micro level.

Deborah Greene, CEO of #liveamoment


The LiveaMoment “world peace app” centers around Greene’s “three feet of peace” theory, which poses the question of “if we each foster a more peaceful existence personally, can we bring our own peace to the world?” She believes that each individual has the power to contribute to a better situation globally through their individual actions, and hopes that the LiveaMoment app will encourage more its users to do so.


The app encourages users to take three minutes daily to create their own “three feet of peace” by taking personal moments to reflect on their emotional state and situation. Users are then invited to graph and track those emotions, see how their feelings compare to other users around the world, and share their peaceful moments with others.


Although she first thought of the theory behind the LiveaMoment app in 2012, it took years for Greene’s vision to take off, and she had trouble convincing people of the merits behind her idea. However, the app is now scheduled to be released in 2017, after input from over 80 professional filmmakers, and contributions from such countries as Afghanistan, Israel, Palestine, and Pakistan.


The app is not Greene’s first humanitarian endeavor, and as founder of the Foliage Theatre Project organization she was profiled by the LA Times for her work putting on Shakespeare plays with inmates of the maximum-security youth detention center Camp Kilpatrick.


Now that she has ventured into the tech world, Greene hopes to empower others through her examples. Her company is run by a majority of women and minorities, and she hopes that her app will educate others about different ways of life on a global scale. She believes that technology can be a positive tool used to enlighten others about global, cultural issues that receive lesser coverage by the mainstream media.

The app will essentially be a global communication platform where users have the ability to share their current feelings with any point on a global map that they choose. It encourages users to take an individual moment of serenity and share that moment with the world, and create a more peaceful planet as a result.