When you just know it's a word borrowed from English

 A lovely new building among the faded glory of Montefiore St. Taken aback by the giant billboard that proclaims "Pantyhose for Sale" he stumbles inside an air conditioned office just in time to hold dehydration at bay. 
A smiling office worker becomes the third person this week to address him as Sir. She is off to a good start since the word is like a rare flower to CARR's ever more maturing ears. Stalling for time (lest he return too soon to the furnace lurking outdoors) he tells her "Yes, I need to know about the pantyhose on behalf of a friend who is obviously a woman...."
Imagine his confusion when the discussion turns to successful women. Do only successful women buy pantyhose? Apparently yes when they cost 1.5 million dollars.
Fleeing the scene of this latest linguistic crime, he heads to the lottery stand in search of down payment on the......Penthouse......