Israel was sold out!!

As I am sitting here writing this blog, I hear children playing outside my window laughing and having fun, like children all over the world are doing every day. They should not have to be alarmed or worried about a nuclear bomb being dropped from Iran, or that some big terror organization or group are going to carry out attacks on them but...
As I stand for Israel and her people living here in Jerusalem, my eyes look eastward towards Iran, and the ongoing threat Iran represents to this nation. Iran gives support for terrorist groups such as ISIS/ISIL, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, etc. are daily reminders of the treachery and evil pouring forth from that country. And appropriately, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister, has recognized the obvious threats against Israel, and accurately assessed the serious nature these threats present to him and the Jewish Nation.
As a former IDF soldier himself, and as a warrior for Israel, he cannot and will not back down, nor should he! His words of warning have sounded out clearly and loudly from the chambers of the Knesset to the General Assembly Hall of the United Nations, with a stop at the White House in between. It is unthinkable, if not outright reprehensible, to see the United States Administration, under the authority of Barack Obama and John Kerry, to give such a free hand of endorsement to Iran to continue it’s terrorist actions without censure, sanctions or restrictions at all.
They completely sold out their only ally in The Middle East, Israel just for them to get a legacy for their time in The White House. What a horrible legacy that is, making the whole world a fare more dangerous place! The UN, in another cowardly and despicable move, voted overwhelmingly to approve the “deal” with Iran’s nuclear program. The United States Congress and Senate will soon vote on it as well. Iran has stated openly its position about the Jewish people with this remark: “…The cancerous tumor called Israel must be uprooted.”
It is such a dismal and evil foundation, that the government of Iran, from its political leaders to its religious Ayatollahs, declares and demands the destruction of Israel in this day and time. With the intentions of Iran clearly stated over and over again, Israel must do what Bibi said in a speech to the world recently while address the US Congress: “If someone says they want to kill you, believe them!”
And with all the raw deals made in secret in Vienna, the path for death and destruction is before Israel, even as Iran’s defense ministry announced just today that it is strengthening its ballistic missile arsenal. Israel cannot go along with this bad deal, the worst historical mistake in our time right now.
Iran is lying about its true intentions, and burns Israel and American flags with the president of Iran standing right there, smiling with approval as they shouted “Death to Israel, Death to America!”
This is a wicked and evil deal, and it just brought Israel one big step closer to war! The Jewish Nation is now greatly threatened, and must be protected. As I speak, this tiny nation is becoming more and more isolated and cut off from the other nations.
This is Israel’s most critical hour, and what happens next will be both historic and Biblical in how it all plays out. It's no longer possible to just be a spectator, Israel needs you more than ever before! Israel was just sold out by the leaders of The EU, and The Obama administration, now it's time for all the "regular" people like you and me to speak up, and try to make a difference for Israel
. Please join me in standing with Israel, and praying for the Government, Benjamin Netanyahu and the Jewish people every day!