The children of Israel


Fraenkel, Gil-ad Shaar and Eyal Yifrach. Photo: REUTERS


To travel through Israel is to watch and witness youth with their young happy faces (see the video link.) Whether in the white city by the sea in Tel Aviv, to the mountainous north near The Golan, in the dry Negev with their leathery tan complexions or in the winding streets Jerusalem— there is a vibrancy and a pulse driven by young people.


This image, this spirit of life, is what kept exuding out from the photos over the 18-days when the boys went missing (and still does), kidnapped and eventually murdered by terrorist thugs. To take such life, such beauty away, to snuff it, is a vile, evil, cowardly act.


And for anyone who’d cheer them on, pass out candy and hold the culprits up as heroes is to stoop to the most nefarious form of humanity. For people that would declare them heroes should not, cannot be dealt with nor entrusted with the role and responsibility of developing a civil society. Period.