The ephemeral enemy

At the Spy Museum in Washington DC, you learn that nothing is as it appears.  It is dedicated to espionage and the only museum in the world to “provide a global perspective on an all-but-invisible profession that has shaped history and continues to have a significant impact on world events.”
What appears as nothing particularly significant to an ordinary person actually has incredible stakes to code-breakers, CIA and Mossad.
Fraudulently concealed like a quick-change artist, the very essence of modern terrorism is to cloak evil behind a mask, whether Islam, Palestine or some warped, Bizarro version of a universal ideal like freedom. In reality, those notions are only ephemeral shrouds to cravenly hide the deeper-seeded hatred toward Jews and the west.
Witness that with the support of Iran, the largest exporter of terror in the world, Israel has been caught in a vise—via the likes of Syria, in a state of upheaval with the potential of turning into an all out chaotic catastrophe, Hezbollah, the puppet master to the north, running Lebanon and Hamas ruling Gaza.
No one should be fooled; the modus operendi of this cowardly ilk is to hide. Hide behind a lie.  Hide behind a mask.  Hide behind a government.
Now, with the way paved for exactly that, a unity government between Fatah and Hamas, with a signing ceremony to take place in Egypt, a world-renowned terrorist regime (Hamas) has merged with one of the only entities where a peace treaty had been seen as potential possibility. 
But look under the shrouded mask and ask yourself, imagine if there had been?
Now that Hamas and Fatah are one, had Israel made the enormous concessions it was being arm-twisted to do, Hamas would be cloned and would exist on two borders.
But look even deeper and see who is pulling the strings.  Iran, is slowly wrapping itself around Israel. 
More terrifyingly, as it proceeds in this manner, when and if Iran actually attempts a nuclear attack on Israel, it won’t need to be from a missile launched from within its borders.
They are far too spineless.  They’ll hide behind one of their proxies.  It won’t be a rocket for the entire world to see and trace its vapor cloud, but via a tunnel underground.
If Iran is the world''s foremost state sponsor of terrorism, why would their successful precedent change?  Were Iran to acquire a nuclear device, their means of delivery targeted upon Israel would remain the same because it consistently works out well for them.
Why would Iran declare war and claim responsibility and risk the immense retaliation and utter obliteration, instead of igniting their lethal device through some third or even fourth party on a suicide mission?
When the US Marine barracks in Lebanon were bombed in 1983 and 241 US servicemen were killed, Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.  It’s highly suspected that actually Hezbollah, who in turn received help from the Islamic Republic of Iran, were responsible
But I ask you, whom did the United States attack in response? No one.
In fact, ever since radical students held 52 Americans hostage for 444 days starting in 1979, in what should have been deemed an act of war as the Iranian government of Ayatollah Khomeini was utterly complicit, the US has been blindingly helpless to their deceit.
Likewise since then, Iran has transferred sophisticated short-range rockets to both Hezbollah and Hamas and both terrorist groups have used them to kill Israeli civilians up to this day.
This latest joint venture between Fatah and Hamas is being orchestrated by Iran whose modus operendi is ephemeral and ghostlike, as they slither behind the scenes.
But seen through the eyes of spies, we should not be deceived and instead look for what’s concealed right in front of us. 
 Abe Novick can be reached at [email protected]