The Jewish strike

Jalaa Marey / Reuters


The intent of this Friday’s impending “Global March to Jerusalem”, like the goal of the IHH flotilla and last year’s “Nakba” protests is none other than provocation. 


By surreptitiously camouflaging their ulterior purpose, by basterdizing Gandhi and MLK’s non-violent means of social protest, they in turn hide behind a mask of social justice. Their true aim is no different than it has always been – a one state solution called Palestine.


Indeed if there were an actual, legitimate quest for a two state solution, the Palestinians had numerous opportunities to live side-by-side in peace.


From as far back as 1948, when a Palestinian state could have been fulfilled, to Oslo in 1993, Camp David in 2000 and Prime Minister Olmert’s proposed unilateral withdrawal of even more territory a few years later - each time the offer was refused.


Now with peace talks stalled, the Palestinian Authority and its supporters have devised their new strategy of provocation by leveraging so-called, non-violent means to elicit an Israeli reaction before international media. If they actualize what they claim they are planning, thousands of Arabs from the West Bank, Gaza, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria would breach Israel’s borders.  It has the potential to make the “Nakba” experience look tiny in comparison.


Imagine for a moment if this were an American border.  Let’s say several thousands and tens of thousands from Mexico rushed the United States’ border with the intention of marching to Washington.  And let’s add to the crowd, thousands more from other Central American countries. What would the U.S. do?


This would be beyond anything the local border patrol could handle.  It would certainly be more than local or state police could control.  No, it would be a job for the National Guard armed with tanks and guns.  Indeed there would most likely be an incident broadcast around the world for everyone to watch as the giant Goliath bullied the poor, innocent stone thrower.


Of course, it’s ludicrous, because the U.S. would never let their borders be crossed in this way and most of the world would understand. Yet, this is exactly what Israel is now facing.


If they use tear gas and spray the marchers with bullets (rubber) they will look like they’re the aggressors.  It will be no different than the flotilla incident, but on a larger scale.


Having just gone through an Israel Apartheid Week and an Occupy AIPAC protest along with several anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions (BDS) stagings, it’s time Israel and Jews who support Israel create their own non-violent protest with a strike.


In her magnum opus, “Atlas Shrugged”, Ayn Rand has societies most creative and productive citizens go on strike.  In fact, the working title for the novel was “The Strike.”


I know it sounds crazy, but just imagine, what if it were to happen? What if not just every Israeli, but every Jew in the world went on strike? What if every doctor decided to not see patients? What if every scientist, stopped experimenting and making new discoveries? What if everyone in finance didn’t show up to work? Teachers stopped teaching. Do you enjoy the arts and going to movies and theatre? Sorry, they are closed. In sum, (you get the picture) the world would stop.


Rand’s purpose was to illustrate the significance of industrialists to society and portray fascism, socialism and communism as flawed. By assuming the role of the victim, the Palestinians and their supporters are, to use Leonard Peikoff’s term, “sanctioning the victim” or "the willingness of the good to suffer at the hands of the evil to accept the role of sacrificial victim for the ''sin'' of creating values.” Indeed, the hero of the novel, John Galt, vows to stop the motor of the world by persuading the creators of the world to withhold their talent.


Yes, it was just a work of fiction.  But, Israel needs to use its own talent, resources and smarts as leverage and not become the perceived victims’ victim.


Abe Novick is a writer and communications consultant and can be reached at